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about cruelty-free lifestyle
That's me in 1973 !

Vegan Supermarket was founded in January 2013 by me!

Yes, that picture was of me – with hair!

I’ve always loved animals and assumed everybody else did. The problem is that we can often cause animal cruelty without realising it. I feel so strongly about this issue that I decided to set up this website, about cruelty free lifestyle, to explain the issues and offer easy shopping solutions.

We are a Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Advocacy, not a charity.
I run the website in my spare time after work and I need all the help I can get!
So, if you think you can help, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m desperately in need of writers, SEO skills, image sourcing (to match articles), and people who can upload articles to make them look nice! Sorry I can’t pay you but you will be helping all the animals!

Simply hit the ‘contact’ button and let me know how you think you can help!

In the process of researching Vegan Supermarket website I have seen levels of animal cruelty that are beyond comprehension, which frequently deprives me of sleep.
Shocking, disgusting, sickening are words that are just not enough to describe the horror and utter revulsion I felt.

I didn’t know about all this before. Did you?

Therefore, my mission is to educate and let people make up their own minds and give them the opportunity to change things, to make the world a better place for our fellow earth dwellers.

I really want you to assume I’m lying!

Don’t believe me. Do your own research but be warned, it will break even a hard person’s heart.

It WILL change you.

Imagine your money was a vote. If you take your money votes away from animal cruelty-causing purchases and cast your money votes towards cruelty free-purchases
everytime you spend, businesses, stakeholders, organisations and even FARM ANIMAL industries would then start to realise that there is a significant ANIMAL issue
that needs addressing!

cruelty-free lifestyle
cruelty-free lifestyle – About Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Org

All businesses are experts at giving the customer exactly what they want.
So what are you going to tell them?
Do you want animal cruelty or no animal cruelty?

Vote with your wallet or purse and I promise you will get what you want. Either way!

It is the most powerful way to effect the necessary changes that these animals desperately need.

Thanks to ever-increasing awareness, things are already changing for the better!

Well, that is my Vegan Supermarket / Cruelty Free Lifestyle Org mission and I promise you that I will only stop when there is no more ANIMAL cruelty in the world – ever.

Is that possible? Yes, I genuinely believe the time has come!

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