BlueNalu’s Cellular Solution to Better Seafood Products Without Harming Animals

Nearly half of the fish that are consumed in the world each year, are farmed on land or ocean-based aquafarms. The fish spend most of their lives stuffed in cramped and filthy enclosures and suffer from diseases caused by parasites or become injured.

Fish need to adapt and navigate the oceans with their senses and the lack of space on fish farms causes them to bump into each other and damage their fins. Farmers do this to save as much money as possible.

They cram as much as tens of thousands of fish into a single farm. Even if a farm is the size of four football fields, it is used for housing at least one million fish. Luckily, there are alternative seafood products for those who don’t want to support the suffering of animals.

Aquafarm Cruelty

Many aquafarms inject hormones in the fish to make them grow and reproduce faster. Some fish farmers also feed antibiotics to the fish to help them survive from the deadly diseases that are caused by overcrowding.

The residue from these drugs is then left in the fish and gets consumed by humans. When fish are captured, they are dumped into grates through different sized gaps.

This is done to separate fish of different sizes before putting them in other tanks. While these fish are being sorted, farmers starve them for several hours to avoid contaminating the water with feces. Salmon are starved for approximately ten days.

These fish aren’t sorted gently, and the stress is very harmful to them. They also become injured while being transported. Their fins and scales get damaged and they become more vulnerable to diseases.

A lot of species of fish are carnivorous and because of that, more fish need to be caught to feed them. One pound of fish from the ocean is needed just to produce a pound of salmon or seabass.

Some fish need to eat natural plants in order to survive but these aren’t provided at the farms. Instead, the farmers feed them fish oil so that they can grow faster.

There aren’t any proper regulations to protect fish from harm, and nearly 40% of them die before they are slaughtered.

The fish farming industry isn’t planning to stop anytime soon because this business is profitable for them. Too many people love eating seafood and the global demand is very high.

Solution for Better Seafood Products

BlueNalu provides sustainable seafood products that are healthier and safer to consume. These products don’t involve any animals being harmed, and they also don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

BlueNalu is disrupting the current fish farming industry by producing seafood directly from fish cells. Producing real seafood products from fish cells is a much healthier and sustainable alternative for both people and animals.

These products are highly nutritional and taste just as good as regular seafood. The best part is that animals won’t have to suffer anymore. Living fish cells are extracted from fish tissue and placed into a culture for growth.

These cells are then used to make frozen seafood products. Even though they are frozen products, they still taste very fresh and are free from all the toxins and antibiotics, which are present in other seafood products that are sold in the market.

This is what makes BlueNalu the global leader in cellular aquacultureTM. You don’t need to slaughter a whole fish when a few cells can create products that are just as good.

This concept of reducing waste isn’t new and it was first introduced by Winston Churchill in 1931. Churchill said, “We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium.”

We have been producing so much waste while ignoring the unethical ways that fish are being farmed. The current fish farming methods are responsible for a lot of our environmental problems.

That’s why BlueNalu is supporting the sustainability and health of our oceans, by providing a more ethical way of producing seafood products.

Environmental Impact

The demand for delicious and nutritional seafood is very high, and this is what’s causing a lot of environmental problems. The number of fishes has significantly decreased due to overfishing and rising ocean temperatures.

At least nine tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. And 79000 metric tons of the ocean’s plastic have come from abandoned fishing gear. That’s why a lot of seafood that we eat contains mercury, viruses, and parasites which cause a lot of health problems.

After getting pulled from the ocean, the fish suffer from illnesses in crowded fishing farms where they are pumped with antibiotics. If humans continue to consume these fish, they could suffer from antibiotic overuse that causes the death of 23,000 Americans every year.

BlueNalu is committed to distributing great tasting seafood that doesn’t harm any live fish, so that fish can continue surviving in the ocean.

This new and responsible solution to the global demand for seafood is called the BlueNalu movement and “Wave of Thinking.”

Their logo represents the yin and yang, which is the wholeness and balance of being conscious about the environmental problems caused by the seafood industry. Just because we love seafood, doesn’t mean we have to keep harming the planet to eat it.

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