Is there sufficient impetus for everyone to change our lifestyle to be free of animal cruelty?

No matter if you’re purchasing organic produce straight from ethical farmers or lead a 100% plant-based cruelty free lifestyle – you are contributing to making a difference on this planet.

However, the sad reality is – you can only do so much.

Even you, your friends, and all the peeps from that vegan world combined can only do so much.

However, to really change the world, we would need everyone – or at the very least, the majority – to make consistent, sustainable changes.

And sometimes, you are probably wondering – are there enough motivating factors to drive everyone in the right direction?

Or perhaps, you are being approached by different people asking what made you change your lifestyle, but you’re noticing you can’t find the right words for everyone, which can get a tad frustrating?

The thing is, there is no universal truth here, and there are thousands of possible reasons “why” people have changed to cruelty free.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular motivating factors, but remember – those are only a tip of the iceberg.

We will only ever solve the problem of animal cruelty by facing and altering our own values, beliefs and fears.

Nevertheless, at least one of the following reasons is likely to resonate with someone, so hopefully it will help you find the right words for most people:


There is sufficient scientific evidence supporting the fact that plant-based diets and even simply reducing the amount of animal products in the diet are very beneficial for one’s health.

Such dietary shifts may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions, help manage diabetes and improve cholesterol levels, to name a few.

Health concerns are a very big motivation drive, especially if one already experiences some issues.

Weight management

This one is somewhat linked to the previous point, but still slightly different, provided one is eating wholesome foods and doesn’t survive exclusively on fries and frozen vegan snacks!

Many plant-based eaters note that they quickly hit their natural “comfortable” appearance without much extra effort on their part.

So for people concerned about their appearance this may be a huge trigger to initiate the change to cruelty-free.

Overall awareness

By making conscious choices in some areas of life such as nutrition or clothes shopping (e.g. avoidance of furs or leather goods), one is likely to become more aware and conscious overall.

By choosing to research everything before taking a plunge, one stops being a blind consumer and develops great critical thinking skills.

Meeting like-minded people

If you have strong opinions in regards to animal ethics and your close circle simply doesn’t care, taking an actual step forward and taking action will likely help you meet more like-minded individuals along the way.

Being accepted in a group is a very powerful motivator for many people – we like to be appreciated and valued, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Getting to know other people socially makes life much more satisfying and fulfilling!

Environmental concerns

Let’s face it – not everyone is going to immediately become concerned about animal welfare, as exploiting animals for our own benefit is embedded in many cultures.

This is not to say it can’t be changed – but it can be quite challenging to shake off these beliefs.

However, there is something almost everyone is worried about – for instance, it’s absolutely lovely to have a planet to live on and to preserve for future generations (and to save our species, if you will).

And leading an animal-friendly lifestyle looks like the only feasible way to achieve that!

Did you know, for example, that around 60% of the world’s usable farmland is being stripped and destroyed by livestock?

To put it into perspective, “an acre of prime land can produce 40,000 pounds of potatoes, 30,000 pounds of carrots, 50,000 pounds of tomatoes; but only 250 pounds of beef.

…And your Government is an avid supporter of such destructive practices!!

It takes 23 gallons of water to produce a pound of lettuce, 33 gallons for carrots, 4 gallons for apples.

Conversely (or should I say perversely), to produce of pound of chicken, it takes 815 gallons, for pork 1,630 gallons, and for a pound beef 2,500 gallons and bucketsful of cruelty.

Basically, by eating animals, we are slowly eating ourselves – which is a pretty strong motivation to stop, isn’t it?

As you see, there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons to go vegan and stop contributing to animal cruelty altogether, or even just reduce meat consumption, as every step truly counts.

From health considerations to environmental concerns, there are so many convincing answers to “WHY should I worry about ethical treatment of animals?”

Of course, the reality is always going to be more complicated, as in addition to WHY there is also always HOW.

This is, perhaps, the most important issue to address, as too many “veganism promoters” treat the “how” part as some kind of afterthought.

And here is, perhaps, where the real issue lies…

Is there sufficient impetus for everyone to change our lifestyle?

Yes, definitely.

But do many people know how to start? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

And it has to be addressed urgently by various organisations and influencers (and Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Org!) – from providing recipes and nutritional information to cruelty free brand lists, everything has to become readily available.

Otherwise, we may never actually get to action, despite knowing very well why making the change is important for everyone.

So, stick around this website because we are here to help you!

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