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The sister duo, Lucy Watson and Tiffany Watson from “Made in Chelsea” plan on opening a vegan/yoga restaurant in London. Keeping the booming vegan restaurant industry in view, they have applied to the Hammersmith and Fulham council for a license. They are to name their vegan restaurant “Tell Your Friends”. This restaurant will be located on King’s Street near the Parsons Green Tube station in London.

The dishes that they will be serving will have a vegan twist on popular dishes. Like “fish and chips” where the fish will be replaced with breaded aubergine and will come with a cashew nut tartare sauce. A “steak” that is meat and cruelty free will be made of king oyster mushrooms. And a “pulled-pork burger” except there will be no pork and the burger pate will be a BBG pulled jackfruit. The restaurant is to focus on playing a part in keeping the environment safe. Keeping this in mind plastic straws will be banned in the restaurant. The drinks that are to be served will have a vegan take on cocktails and will include drinks like rose petal martinis.

They are to name their vegan restaurant “Tell Your Friends”

The restaurant is going to be an addition to the 34 restaurants and pubs currently owned by the City Pub Group, the executive chairmanship of which is held by Mr. Clive Watson, father of the Watson sisters. The group’s motto is to do business the “go green” way. This latest venture from the City Pub Group is to conduct yoga classes as well as cookery classes for vegan enthusiasts and to attract non-vegan patrons as well.

new vegan restaurant
vegan restaurant

However, the proposal for this new vegan restaurant has raised some concerns too in the area known as “Sloane Ranger Central”. In a neighborhood where homes fetch up to £3 million, the residents have concerns regarding too much noise in the area. They also fear that because of this restaurant there may be litter problems in the neighborhood as well. Until now about forty-one objections have been brought forward to the council. One of them even claims that the patrons of the restaurant will pose a threat to security of the residents as the restaurant is to have a midnight alcohol license. Also although the Strada Italian restaurant was allowed to stay open beyond 11pm, the objections raised by residents insist that there is no need to keep it open that late either.

do business the “go green” way

The tenant who resides in a flat above the location of the restaurant, Dan O’Meara when speaking to the Standard also seemed to share the general concerns about excessive noise in the area. He said “It has generally been a quiet block, which was the kind of vibe we wanted. Whilst I like going to places like that, I don’t want to be living above one.”
Meanwhile the sister duo claims that they will be filling a gap in the restaurant market where there still aren’t enough purely vegan based restaurants. They insist on the fact that the idea is to open a vegan/yoga restaurant which is going to be nothing like those typical pubs.

The fate of the restaurant is to be decided upon by the Hammersmith and Fulham council by tonight.

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