Green Energy Ripoff

Now that we are spending a lot more time indoors due to Coronavirus, we are inevitably spending a lot more on energy.

So now is probably a good time to check your energy bills but I’ll warn you now if you are in one of the more modern electricity-only dwellings, you are going to be very angry!


Hold on just for a minute…  We are being constantly bombarded with adverts for energy comparison to try and squeeze a cheaper energy deal and that is a great idea.

Also, we all want to save our planet and we are being encouraged by the Government to ditch gas central heating for more environmentally friendly forms of heating our homes.

Indeed, the Government’s advisory committee on climate change has called for new homes to have no gas for cooking or heating from 2025

That’s all very good but what exactly does that mean for you and me in electricity-only dwellings?

Well, permit me to tell you about my own experience with energy comparison!

We bought a newly converted 2 bedroom flat about 2 years ago which has no gas supply and therefore everything is electric.

Green Energy Ripoff

You would have thought that because it was a new development it would be super energy efficient. It definitely isn’t! But that’s a different nightmare story, (cue futile arguments with the Leasehold Landlord and our conveyancing solicitor).

The first-year bill really shocked me as it was significantly more expensive than our previous much larger 2 bedroom semi-detached bungalow running on dual fuel.

So I installed a programmer for our hot water cylinder and added extra insulation and that brought the bills down but they are still frightening and we are still very careful about our energy usage.

So the Inspector Poirot in me re-examined my bills which seemed correct (I’ve even got a Smart Meter)

Further investigation revealed why! Please remain calm…

Electricity Unit rate 13.9755p per kWh

Gas Unit rate 3.612p per kWh

If my maths is correct, that’s not far off 400% dearer for green electricity!

As I understand it, a kw/hour is a measurement of any type of energy.

That’s crazy! How is that encouraging anybody to go green?

These figures may not match your own tariff but I’m pretty certain that the same disparity between gas and electricity still exists with your tariff!

So this is an open letter to the energy companies and the Government asking why is there such a massive difference and how is that encouraging our fight against climate change?

Ready to join the debate and vent? Go for it! We’d love to hear from you.

I very much doubt that any Fat Cat bosses will respond to little old me but I will be writing to them soon and will keep you posted. Just don’t hold your breath for me to get a reply.

Rip off Britain – Still going strong.

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