Meatonomics – How your taxes subsidize the livestock industry!!

Are you OK with that?

With climate change, and of course, the right to lead a happy, cruelty-free life, on the minds of many, the vegan movement has gathered impressive pace over the last couple of years.

Despite veganism now being more popular than ever before, it’s safe to say that we still get through an alarming amount of meat.

In the developed world, the meat industry is a big business. In fact, it is an ENORMOUS business and is one of the biggest triggers of climate change.

Not only are huge swathes of forests, including the Amazon, being deforested to make way for green pastures for cattle rearing, but because of the sheer amount of cattle being raised for meat, the methane gas that they produce on a daily basis is believed to be directly responsible for climate change, at least, that’s according to many experts.

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Because of this, and other alarming facts, author David Robinson Simon compiled his book ‘Meatonomics: The Bizarre Economics of Meat and Dairy’ and it is providing an eye-popping expose into the crazy meat industry financials.

Why are processed meat and fast food so cheap?

Despite the fact that, from an evolutionary standpoint, we’ve been eating meat since we were cavemen, it’s safe to say that our dietary habits have changed enormously as the centuries have gone by.

Despite meat consumption being down slightly as a result of veganism and other ethical practices, we are still consuming way more meat than our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on.

Because it is apparently human nature to prioritize money and profit over happiness, and health, author David Robin Simon decided to look at why meat and dairy produce can be sold for such low prices.

Walk into any tax-avoiding coffee franchise and you’d be lucky to see any change from a £5 note. Head out to your local pub and we dread to think how much a pint of beer would cost you.

BUT, if you stroll into any fast food outlet and order a cheeseburger from their value menu, generally you pick this processed morsel up for just 89p!!

Why is one cup of coffee so expensive, yet something which has been made from the flesh of a living creature, can be purchased for a fraction of the real cost?

Facts the food industry (or your government) won’t tell you…

This book is truly fascinating and insightful. David Robinson Simon compiled this book in a bid to determine just how much the meat and dairy industries are costing us each year, and precisely who is footing the bill Meatonomics.

After all, surely there can’t be much of a profit margin in an 89p burger!

Did you know for example, that in the United States, the US government will collect a small tax which is known as a ‘checkoff’ on each animal, as well as the eggs and dairy from them, that are used for human consumption?

This tax is then used to finance fast-food ads and ad campaigns to get us craving those fatty, greasy, “meaty” burgers and processed goods.

That’s right, the next time you see a catchy fast-food ad on the TV or social media, just remember that it could be YOUR tax that has helped fund that ad.

You can bet your bottom dollar that a similar thing happens in most countries and almost certainly in the UK.

In fact, you could ask DEFRA (who looks after such things in the UK), for a full breakdown. Well good luck with that!

This is just a glimpse into the everyday goings-on of the food industry. David Robinson Simon tackles climate change, economics, unethical practices in the food industry, and much more in his Meatonomics book, making it a must-read for anyone who cares about animals and the environment.

Read it and weep!   Then act!!!

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