New Crop Capital

The food industry is, without question, one of the most lucrative and competitive in the entire world.

In the past, those involved in the food industry found themselves focusing on meat and dairy, and for good reason – profit!

Recently, however, there has been a paradigm shift that has centered more towards veganism and plant-based eating, with an emphasis placed on climate change.

With meat consumption seemingly slowing down for the first time in years, the need for ‘clean meat’ and vegan alternatives is now greater than ever.

This is where New Crop Capital believes that they have found a viable solution. But who are they and what is their mission? Here’s a brief overview.

Who is New Crop Capital?

New Crop Capital describe themselves as being a specialized private venture fund that provides series A, seed, and angel funding. Investments can range from $50,000 and stretch as high as $1,000,000, if not more.

New Crop Capital has an alternative outlook on animal farming and agriculture.

In fact, they’re solely against it as they view it as ‘inefficient’ and ‘outdated’.

They consider animal agriculture to be vulnerable, and predict that soon, there will be a huge overhaul and change in the way we consume our food, and indeed, what we actually will be consuming.

What are its objectives?

So, we’ve established that New Crop Capital doesn’t exactly view animal farming and agriculture in a positive light, so precisely what are their mission objectives?

Well, New Crop Capital has hit the nail on the head when they have stated that typical animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, and it is directly responsible for numerous health issues across the globe, including conditions such as Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some strains of cancer, metabolic syndrome, and plenty more besides.

What’s more, because animal agriculture is now considered to be inefficient, it is threatening the human race’s ability in the long-term, to feed a population that appears to be ever-increasing.

Put simply, there are serious concerns that standard animal farming practices won’t be enough to sustain a population that is growing larger by the year, meaning that food shortages will become a real possibility, and poor-quality and downright dangerous foods, ingredients, and food practices may become commonplace in the food industry.

New Crop Capital intend on changing that.

Where they invest

New Crop Capital invests in a wide range of sectors within the food manufacturing industry. In particular, they invest in:

Food tech One area in which they invest is in novel forms of food production which think outside of the box and go against the usual practices one might expect to find in the world of animal agriculture.

Plant-based CPGs – Here they’ll look to offer plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.

Cellular Agriculture – Cellular agriculture is a new manufacturing process that aims to manufacture animal products from a cellular level. Essentially, it is meat that has been grown in a lab.

Distribution and transport – Here they intend on investing in more efficient and eco-friendly food distribution and transport methods.

Exploration – Finally, they are constantly seeking out innovative new ways of manufacturing food for a brighter, healthier, cruelty-free tomorrow.

These companies are sometimes known as Disruptors

We say, thank goodness for that!

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