Our No Upsetting Images Promise

Everybody hates animal cruelty and we all want to stop it but very often you purposely won’t visit a website for the very real fear that you will be confronted by graphic images of animal cruelty.

Our Promise to you.

“We will never show images of animal cruelty on our website”

I don’t know about you but these images affect me very deeply and its a long time before I can stop it popping into my head.

In my view, stopping animal cruelty is about creating awareness and stimulating engagement.

That is what we are trying to do and that is why we have made the following pledge…

“We will never show images of animal cruelty on our website”

However, when browsing our site you may see links to other websites that DO contain images of animal cruelty. So please exercise caution.

Why do we show you these links?

Again, I can only speak for myself and the best way is to share my experience.

I’m a big supporter of a animal charity called Animal Aid.

Not long ago I was browsing their website because I fully support their campaign for mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses. Now you need to know that I used to love eating bacon. Even now, the smell of bacon has me salivating. Its an automatic reaction from years of conditioning. Don’t judge – there’s millions like me!

Warning! Graphic image link!

If you look at the image on the top of this link you will see how a slaughter man is struggling to stun a pig during the slaughter process. They say a picture says a thousand words. It is totally horrific! This picture will never leave me and every time I smell bacon, this picture pops up in my head.

This picture switched a relay in me that said, “This is wrong and I will NEVER eat products from a slaughterhouse – ever”.  Hence the birth of Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Org.

Therefore, I will endeavour to explain what the issues are surrounding all animal cruelty (not just food) and then hopefully guide you to a way of life that avoids (as far as possible) this sort of horror.

But by explaining these issues, it is necessary to be detailed and some of these details are very upsetting. However, to get that ‘switch’ to properly engage in your head, we will purposely give you an opportunity to see pictures and videos that are straight out of hell.

Don’t worry, we will always warn you about such links BEFORE you open them.

The most satisfying part of my mission is when somebody says, “OMG! I didn’t know” and they have thanked me and my team for telling them the truth.

Thank you for understanding.


Founder. Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Org


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