The Good Food Institute

Recently, food is a topic that has been on everybody’s minds. I mean, who doesn’t watch the Great British Bake Off, or Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen?

This isn’t purely due to the fact that many of us find ourselves hungry and craving delicious snacks. It’s also down to the fact that the food industry is believed to be partially responsible for numerous health issues, as well as climate change, and much more besides.

Because of this, and because of the fact that all living creatures deserve the right to lead a long, prosperous, and happy life rather than being killed for their meat or exploited for their milk or eggs, more and more people are following a plant-based lifestyle such as veganism.

With companies such as the Good Food Institute, it’s easy to understand why now is such an exciting time to be vegan and a plant-based consumer.

Who is the Good Food Institute?

The Good Food Institute, or the GFI for short, is a non-profit organization based in the United States, who have made it their mission to promote plant-based diets and alternatives to meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, along with what is known as ‘clean meat’, which is meat derived from the cells of healthy, living animals.

They want to offer these as alternatives to conventional agriculturally raised meats which are commonly sold in countries all over the globe.

The GFI regularly publishes scientific research and creates a vast selection of open access resources centered around plant-based eating and alternatives to conventional meat and meat-based products.

What do they do?

At the Good Food Institute, they work closely in collaboration with entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors in order to make ground-breaking and innovative food a reality.

For example, they work closely with companies to offer strategic support for companies specializing in plant-based foods and ingredients. They offer legal advice, marketing, advertising, and other forms of support to help these companies to grow and establish themselves.

On top of that, they also help to connect businesses with one another, as well as with scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, food manufacturers, and more.

This not only creates job opportunities, it also helps to spread awareness when it comes to plant-based eating.

Perhaps the area in which they are most active however, is within the promotion of plant-based eating and plant-based products. They work closely in conjunction with restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, food service companies, and more, in order to increase the availability of plant-based food options on the menu and down the grocery store aisles.

With more people currently following plant-based diets and lifestyles such as veganism, and with climate change being such a, if you’ll pardon the pun, hot topic, it’s easy to see why the GFI is already making waves in the food manufacturing and catering sectors.

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