Why did we set up Vegan Supermarket UK?


To enable people to buy things that don’t cause animal cruelty

Imagine your money is a vote. Please vote for compassion towards all living creatures.

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Thanks to some slick advertising, supported by a vast and very powerful industry, it’s not always easy to distinguish which products cause cruelty.

The meat and dairy industry are experts at this! Watch out for such slogans as ‘grass-fed’, high welfare, free-range, Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured etc. I have to be careful here but suffice to say that these items will NEVER be available in our Vegan Superstore! Here’s an article we published about chicken meat 

Another questionable statement that you may find on makeup, personal care products and perfumes is ‘This product has not been tested on animals’ Ah, but have the individual ingredients been tested on animals?

Or ‘We never test on animals’ Ok. but has the manufacturer commissioned a third party to test the product on animals, on their behalf?

We have covered this subject in more detail in our Cruelty Free Makeup Article