Vegan Drinks

Vegan Drinks - What You Need To Know

Vegan Soft Drinks

Matcha NOW – CBD – Matcha Green Tea Energy Drink (355ml)

This Matcha Now green tea energy drink offers pure Matcha and CBD. This combination reportedly allows it to increase energy levels, reduce anxiety, and alleviate pain.

Tenzing – Natural Energy Drink (250ml)

The Tenzing Natural Energy drink comes with no artificial ingredients and it’s sweetener-free. Each can offer 48 calories, and this plant-based drink is rich in vitamin C, caffeine, and electrolytes.

Dalston’s – Cherryade (330ml)

This great value drink offers a blend of sweet and sour cherry juice with spring water and sugar. It’s really delicious and nutritious.

Karma Cola Co – Lemony Lemonade (250ml) (Organic)

The Lemony Lemonade from Karma Cola Co is made with real lemons for all the citrus enthusiasts. About a third of this juice is pure lemon juice, and the rest is finished with the essence of grapefruit, citrus oil, and sugar.

Cawston Ginger Beer (330ml)

The finest root ginger and pressed apples are blended with added sparkle for creating one of the best vegan beers out there, from the highly-regarded Cawston Press.

Lemonaid – Lime Sparkling Soft Drink (330ml)

Cane Sugar from Paraguay and Limes from Mexico are blended without any chemicals for brewing Lemonaid.

Stute – Superior Clear Apple Juice (1L)

If you love simple and pure apple juice, then Stute apple juice is the perfect choice for you. This juice is made from 100% apples and nothing else.

Sweet Revolution – Organic Instant Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao (200g)

Looking for an ethically sourced, gluten-free and delicious vegan hot chocolate? Then you can’t go wrong with this, from Sweet Revolution.

Prewetts – Chicory Cocoa Drink (125g)

This cocoa drink is made from the roots of the chicory plant and blended with cocoa powder made from the beans of the Theobroa Cacao tree.

Captain Kombucha – Organic Kombucha Raspberry (1000ml)

The Captain Kombucha is a vegan and natural bubbly drink. This handcrafted drink offers plenty of nutrition and provides an amazing flavour.

Remedy – Cherry Plum Kombucha Can (250ml)

The Remedy Cherry Plum Kombucha offers 42Kj of energy with each can. This blend of Red Cherries and Kakadu Plum offers a unique taste that you may not have tried before.

Rocks Organic – Organic Lemon Squash (740ml)

If you’re looking for pure lemon squash, then take a look at this drink from Rocks Organic. This squash is made from Rock Spring water, cane sugar, whole lemons and citric acid.

Yogi Tea Organic Yogi Chai (1ltr)

This Yogi Tea offers a very light and refreshing taste.

CanO Water – Sparkling Spring Water (330ml)

The CanO water is sparkling spring water, that can be reused.

Minor Figures – Nitro Cold Brew Mocha Coffee (200ml)

This Mocha Coffee from Minor Figures offers iced coffee in the best possible form.

Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

With more and more people adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle, more companies are creating vegan-friendly alternatives to popular products of theirs, which ordinarily contain animal-derived products. If you’re thinking of going vegan, choosing alcohol can be challenging and we want to make it easier for you. Here’s what you need to know about vegan friendly alcohol drinks.

Why isn’t my beer or wine necessarily vegan friendly?

Wine is typically made by taking grapes, extracting their natural juices, and using yeast – sometimes naturally occurring yeast, fermenting the natural sugars into alcohol. Beer making can be more complex but typically it is made by using hops and grains. The primary ingredients used to make beer and wine are vegan friendly, so how come not all beers and wines are vegan friendly? Well, this is because of some ingredients that are added later on in the process. One thing you’ve probably noticed is that most beers and wines are served crystal clear and transparent. If most people were served a cloudy wine or beer, they’d probably think it was ‘off’ and may ask for a replacement. This transparent finish is obtained during the filtration process and it is here where the non-vegan friendly ingredients are sometimes added. Sometimes you’ll find that fish gelatin and Isinglass are used to clarify beer and wine. Isinglass is made from fish bladders. Other ingredients sometimes used in the filtration process include eggshells, egg whites, and more. These are designed to filter out the impurities to leave you with a clean and aesthetically pleasing looking beverage. As well as the ingredients used in the filtration process, sometimes non-vegan friendly flavourings such as honey and lactose are also added, for extra flavour and perception. The good news is that there are now a lot more vegan beers and wines to choose from.

How to tell if your beers and wines are vegan friendly.

As mentioned, there are now more vegan drinks to choose from than ever before, though you need to know where to look. The problem is that, by law in most countries, breweries do not need to list animal products used in the processing stages unless it is being served in a restaurant. What’s more Isinglass and fish gelatin are not normally classed as allergens, so they may not be included on the list of potential allergens either. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology however, there are now countless resources available at our disposal. Websites such as Barnivore have a very extensive list of beers and wines so you can check whether your favourite brands can indeed be classed as vegan beers or wines. However, to make things a lot easier for you, we have highlighted a great selection of alcoholic drinks that are vegan right here! Please drink responsibly. Drinkaware