Vegan Fabric Softener

Vegan Laundry Products

Clothes Pegs

Many clothes pegs get rusty and risky to use over time. However, our clothes pegs are the best since they are non-toxic and safe to use on freshly washed clothes.

Home Proud – Recycled Clothes Pegs

These clothes pegs are made from recycled plastic. They come in a 24-pack of various colours. They have a perfect grip and last a long time. As they don’t have springs or metal parts, there is no rusting. They can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Vegan Fabric Conditioner

In order to keep clothes fresh and wearable, fabric conditioners are a must. But why use chemical-based products? Vegan fabric conditioners are kind to the environment and your skin too.

Ecoleaf Fresh Linen Fabric Conditioner Concentrate

This fabric conditioner leaves a beautiful fragrance on your clothes. It is made of plant extracts and is biodegradable. After each use, clothes become soft and comfortable to wear. Each bottle contains 750 ml and will give 17 washes.

Bio D – Fabric Conditioner

This fabric conditioner from Bio D comes in a 1 litre bottle. It has high notes of lavender. The natural ingredients added with lavender essential oil, binds the freshness of the item in the fabric for a longer period.

Fabric Conditioner – Happiness 

The happiness fabric conditioner leaves a fruity essence to fabric. It is made from a natural extract and can give 17 washes. The fabric will be softer than ever as it is free from synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, and tallow.

Ecoegg – Laundry Egg

Laundry Egg is a uniquely designed washing essential that replaces fabric conditioner and detergent completely. It can be used for 70 washes. This is a chemical-free and mineral-only kind of product, which is equally kind to your skin and your clothes.

Vegan Laundry Detergent

Some laundry products can contain high amounts of chemicals and can be harmful to the environment. To prevent such harmful consequences and wash clothes responsibly, Vegan laundry products are the way to go.

Ecoleaf Fresh Linen Laundry Liquid Concentrate

Clothes feel softer after using this fabric conditioner and the fragrance is delightful! The ingredients used to make this are biodegradable and plant-based. It will last up to 17 washes.

Greenfrog – Laundry Soapberries

Greenfrog’s Soapnuts are 100% natural and biodegradable. Each pack carries 250 gm, making it suitable for 75+ washes. Besides, it is chemical-free and kind to sensitive skin. These vegan-friendly soapnuts come in an organic pouch too.

Ecoegg – Laundry Egg

This laundry egg is a fragrance-free option for those who prefer not to have scented clothes. It is eco-friendly and kind to the skin as it doesn’t contain chemicals. It includes one eco egg, 3 bags of white mineral pellets, and 1 bag of tourmaline pellets.

Greenfrog – Laundry Soapnuts

These soapnuts are antifungal, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. Made from 100 % natural and plant-based ingredients, this gives an effective but gentle wash to clothes. This product is biodegradable and chemical-free too.

Ecoegg – Laundry Egg Refill Pellets

When you have finished using your laundry egg for 70 washes, you can replace it with a new bag of minerals. This will give you 50 more great washes. They have a delightful fragrance of fresh linen and does the work of detergent and fabric conditioner all in one combined.

Greenscents Nonscents Laundry Liquid

This laundry liquid comes in a 500 ml bottle that is enough for 17 washes. The powerful and concentrated delivery of the liquid provides an effective wash to fabrics. It is made of organic ingredients and has a fragrance akin to organic essential oil. 

Pro Active Sports Wash Laundry Liquid

If you are looking for a liquid detergent to effectively clean sports wear, this is the perfect choice. It comes in a 750ml bottle which is enough for 16 washes. It is tough on stains, mud, and grass. 

Astonish – Fabric Refresher

This fabric refresher comes in a handy spray bottle of 750 ml. It is suitable for curtains, carpets, sofas, etc. It really removes odours and leaves a nice fragrance. It is a great value for money too!

Ecoleaf Concentrated Washing Powder 

This comes in a 1kg pack and is good for 20 washes. This non-biological detergent is made from plant-based ingredients. It is a vegan-friendly, biodegradable, and a cruelty-free product.

Astonish – Laundry Peony & Magnolia Delicates

This is a brilliant and time saving 2 in 1 product which acts like a liquid detergent and fabric conditioner. It is suitable for hand washing clothes or machine washes. It has a lovely fragrance of peony and magnolia and provides an effective but delicate wash.

Vegan Stain Remover

Removing stains from clothes in a vegan-friendly manner is the way to go if you care about your clothes as well as the environment!

Ecoleaf Stain Remover

The Ecoleaf stain remover comes in a handy 500gm tub. It’s made from natural and vegan-friendly ingredients and it removes stubborn stains from clothes. It is also biodegradable and chemical-free. It can provide around 20 washes. It is suggested that you use it on white fabric to make them appear brand new.

Pure Oxygen Power Brightening Tablets

These brightening tablets by Ecozone work best for white fabrics. A box contains 12 tablets with Oxy action, which effectively removes stains and grime. These tablets are free from chemicals and are made of natural elements only. The oxygen present in the tablets gets rid of rigid dirt and gives it a fresh & clean look.

Stain Remover Fabric Trigger

The Astonish fabric stain remover allows tough stains to fade away. It is gentle on fabrics and gives maximum cleaning. It comes in a spray bottle containing 750 ml of product. For maximum cleaning, it should be used prior to washing your clothes.