Vegan Gifts & Books


Are you in search of a perfect gift for your loved one?
Do you preach veganism?
Do you want to stick to your ethical stance by choosing a gift that is kind to animals, the planet, and people alike?
Do you want to celebrate the BIG DAY without compromising your values?
Look no further!
Vegan Supermarket UK stocks a massive collection of cruelty-free gifts that will surely match the taste of a conscious shopper. Be it a birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Wedding, or whatever occasion, and we have tons of options to choose from-all related to veganism.
We want you to celebrate your happiness your way!
Tips on finding the perfect vegan gift
Every person keeps a unique personality, preferences, tastes, and choices. So how to find the perfect gift that must be cruelty-free and loveable at the same time? Let’s sort out different options, and you may decide what the giftee will love the most.
Is your giftee coffeeholic? Then why don’t you pick up either a reusable mug or a coffee machine so that he/she might thank you every time he/she brews a refreshing cup of coffee using vegan milk?
Or maybe a candle made of soybeans that are clearly vegan? Let your loved one relax and kick back in a healthy environment.
What about some vegan toiletries or skincare stuff? Do you know that most of the animal ingredients are harsh and only result in pore-clogging? Vegan skincare is trending these days because the plant-based ingredients repair and hydrate the skin in a better way, leaving the skin silky-soft. So, invest in vegan body lotion or a cleanser or body oil or bath bombs and let the giftee add some safe products in his/her skincare regimen.
Why not a warm and cozy shawl to snuggle in during freezing winter nights?
Why not indulge in some vegan fashion? Your giftee can undoubtedly score some karma points while looking sharp in vegan fashion. You can choose from vegan shoes made without animal byproducts or vegan apparel made with sustainable materials and eco-friendly ink.
Or maybe a gift box containing all vegan snacks will please the giftee’s taste buds.
Or you can choose a book on veganism for your bookworm.
Isn’t it all fun figuring out which gift can please your loved one the most? However, it is more satisfying to know that you are fulfilling your duty to the people, animals, and the planet.
Wrap your gift with sustainable options
Next comes wrapping the gift in a beautiful wrapping sheet to make it more presentable. But do you know that wrapping papers or shopping bags are injurious to Mother Earth? It has been found that only wrapping sheets or gifting bags produce four million tons of trash per annum. As per one more research, Brits participate in throwing away 108 million rolls of wrapping sheets alone for Christmas. What a waste to the depleting natural resources that are a true essence for a healthy living.
Let us give you some fun ideas. You can use newspapers, paper grocery bags, and cardboards, decorate them with pencils, markers, or fabric scraps. Your eco-conscious wrapping will make your gift more appealing yet sensible.