Vegan Groceries

Vegan Groceries

    The Vegan Supermarket is an ethical, vegetarian, and vegan supermarket selling a remarkable range of plant-based products. It was quickly welcomed by the UK customer base and is now a leading name in vegan food supply. Endless animals all over the world are harmed and exploited to provide for our nutrition, or beauty needs-with a vision to end animal cruelty, Vegan Supermarket began its journey in the year 2013. As well as being able to order most of your weekly items here, subscriptions to their monthly vegan boxes will allow you to receive a box every month filled with their latest vegan products. This requires a sign-up. You can elect from the options of Vegan Beauty Box and the Vegan Lifestyle Box. All products are delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom, with available postcodes for future delivery, i.e. the next day delivery. Remote areas may receive deliveries in 3 days approximately. For EU countries shipments can weigh up to 30kg and for any other country in the world, the shipment weight limit is 1.4 kg of vegan products. Shipping costs vary, depending on the location, weight of the order and any other individual factor. The website offers a handy shipping cost calculator that allows you to readily calculate shipping charges.

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Product’s Descriptions

Vegan Supermarket offers a wide category of vegan groceries including chilled and frozen food products, bakery items, health and beauty products, pet food products, shelved food products, household products, and baby food products.

  • Vegan Chilled Food

These include the following items: Vegan Milk, Butter, Eggs, Seafood, plant-based spreads, and cheese, etc. Can’t drink milk because you’re a vegan? The varieties of soy, oat, rice, almond, coconut, and hemp milk are available. They have vegan butters, breakfast spreads, custards, creams, and any dessert essentials. If you’re a fan of cheese, vegan Supermarket offers a variety of them, sliced, spreader, or blocked. They have meat substitutes for nuggets, steaks, bacon, hot dogs, burger patty, chicken strips, etc. For people who cannot cook and can’t order in because its too expensive or are worried about animal content, Supermarket offer ready meals of pizza, snacks, soups, etc. All you must do is heat it.

  • Vegan Bakery

To cater to your sweet tooth, Vegan Supermarket offers numerous breads and rolls. There are plant-based brownies, cookies, cakes, etc. Every Wednesday, they go live with a new variety of doughnuts which sell out almost as soon as they are offered.

  • Vegan Food Cupboard

The vegan food shelf supplies include a variety of gluten-free rice, noodles, pastas (lasagna, quinoa penne, gnocchi, etc.), cereals, condiments, etc. Wholefoods include nuts, legumes, and seeds. The company offers baking and cooking utensils like tins and cans to store your food in a safe, hygienic, and healthy manner.

  • Vegan Drinks

They have offerings for children and adults, be it something to boost your energy, meet your caffeine needs, etc. Vegan alcoholic drinks are a great party favorite. Vegan drinks are equally powered in nutrients to meet your health and energy requirements.

  • Vegan Household

The household products are a good way to shift your lifestyle to include a complete plant-based solution. They have bath essentials like soaps, handwashes, body mists in different scents and flavors. They have organic air-fresheners, disinfectants, sprays, and if you want cleaners, then you can look at their spongers and cloths- all animal-free products. Make every corner of your house clean and sparkling- thanks to the range of surface sprays, wipes, floor wash, polishes, sanitizers, toilet rolls, glass cleaners, and carpet cleaners. Being vegan is not just limited to your food choices, but also to the healthy conscious choices you make while purchasing consumer items- the household category of Vegan Supermarket offers you the following cruelty-free items made with natural or recycled element for your family’s needs- bowls (cereal bowls and pasta bowls), laundry powers, cleaning good (liquids, and fabric conditioners), paper supplements that do not harm the environment (tapes), etc.

  • Vegan Baby Products

If you’re looking for something tasty, colorful, and plant-based for your baby’s food and snacks need- you may want to try their snacks in delicious flavors such as carrots, apples and parsnips, etc. Maintain your baby’s health and hygiene with the bibs, skin care, nappies, washes, and wipes from their vegan baby line.

  • Vegan Health and Beauty

This line is dedicated to loving yourself and your body. Enrich your hair and skin with a line of products like body washes, lotions, shampoos, makeup, and deodorants that use zero animal products. There are dental products like toothpastes, mouthwashes, too. Eco-friendly condoms, pads, tampons, and cups are available as well as vitamins and supplements. Vitamins are available to enhance your beauty and maintain health and are enriched with omega, etc. Keep your brain and body functioning smoothly and keep lethargy at bay. Perfume, aftershave, tanning products, sunscreens, and aromatherapy oils will help you preserve your natural beauty and enhance it. Vegan has partnered with CBD to bring to you essential oils, supplements, capsules, and pills to promote health and wellness. Vegan Pet Food This category comes in a variety of nutritious meals for your fluffy friends that are also delicious and affordable.


  • Vegan, zero cruelty on animals, eco-friendly products
  • Trustworthy provider and brand known for animal rights activism
  • A wide range of fresh vegan products including fresh, shelf food items, ready meals, and special items.


  • Size limitations apply for orders shipped outside of the UK
  • Deliveries outside UK may take up to three days

Bottom Line

To stress on the fact that veganism is anything but boring and is merely limited to the food products we consume, Vegan supermarket is talking the vegan market a notch higher with its diverse products. The groceries itself offer fresh, chemical free variety of food to make you a convert. With these products readily available in minutes, shifting towards a healthier, cleaner, conscious vegan lifestyle couldn’t be easier.

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