Vegan Tins Cans & Jars

Vegan Tin Cans and Jars

Vegan Tuna and Lots More Tins, Cans and Jars

Either for health issues, the environment or animal ethics, people are waking up to the benefits of vegan cuisine.

Our job is to help these vegan heroes. We know the pressure you feel having to cook for the entire family after a 8 hour shift. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is start making dinner from scratch.

That’s where our tinned, canned and jar food products come in really handy. With the help of this article, you’ll be making convenience dinners within minutes.

But are these products vegan?

Canned vegetables, beans, tomatoes and tofu are ok for vegans to eat. Vegan tinned foods mainly comprises fruit (jackfruit, pineapple), vegetables (corn, peas, tomato paste) and legumes (black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans).

Some other tinned foods are antipasto, soup and pesto. Nutritional Value Beans, peas, and lentils can contain 20-30 grams of protein per 100 grams. They are great sources of fibre, minerals and antioxidants.

Some foods are even better when canned. Tomatoes for example, can release antioxidants when left for a longer period.

Nutritional Ingredients

Some nutritional content you can keep an eye on are:

  • Protein: beans, quinoa, seaweed, nuts, soy
  • Calcium: tofu with calcium, spinach, broccoli, kale
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: vegetable oils, plant-based supplements
  • Iron: tofu, spinach, fortified cereals

The following are a selection of canned and tinned foods that you can buy from us;


The health benefits of canned antipasti are immense and the same goes for these products; by Mr. Organic, Organico and Cooks & Co.

Organico – Organic Garlic Stuffed Olives In Oil

This all-time favourite is hearty garlic, stuffed in Cerignola olives, from Puglia Italy.

Cooks & Co – Artichoke Hearts In Brine

Artichokes are vital in Mediterranean cuisine and these brined hearts are great in pasta or dips.

Mr. Organic – Italian Antipasti Sundried Tomatoes With Capers & Herbs In Oil

Mr Organic prepares a ready appetizer of sundried tomatoes and capers with Italian spices mixed in sunflower and olive oil.

Mr Organic – Italian Antipasti Grilled Artichokes With Herbs & Spices In Oil

Italian style grilled artichokes mixed in sunflower and olive oil is a fresh take on antipasti that is both delicious and satisfying.

Baked Beans

Baked beans are the go-to food of vegans for everyday food. The baked beans offered by Suma are vegan and are steamed to be sent in cans throughout the country.

Suma – Tins of Beans & Sausages

Get your vegan Lincolnshire sausages & beans, and add to mash or jackets. Delicious!

Suma – Baked Beans & Vegan Burgers

Prepare dinner from scratch using Suma’s baked beans and vegan mini-burgers with tomato sauce.

Suma – Low Sugar Baked Beans

Suma uses haricot beans and organic tomatoes to make low sugar baked beans. The replacement of sugar with agave syrup brings out the undertones.

Suma – Organic Baked Beans

You’ll get a pleasant flavour of black pepper when you try meals of Suma’s organic baked beans.

Beans & Pulses

To vegans, keeping up with daily requirements of protein and fibre means stocking cupboards with cans of beans and pulses.  Popular brands such as Mr. Organic and Suma produce a great range. Given are just a few flavours:

Mr. Organic Lentils

Mr. Organic offers classic lentils with zero salt and sugar that enrich your diet.

Geo Organics Edamame Beans In Water

Geo Organics brings you fresh and palatable soy Edamame beans right from the farm.

Suma – Organic Red Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans are becoming increasingly popular for its taste and texture. Each 100gm by Suma contains 6.9gm protein.

Biona Chilli Black Beans (Organic)

Biona brings you black beans in a chili sauce for all your Mexican – style cravings.

Biona Organic – Organic Lentils Vert (Puy Lentils)

Puy lentils allow a nutritious and cholesterol free diet that you can add to salads, soups and hearty dinners.

Tinned Fruit

Vegans often develop a sweet tooth due to the enormous variety of desserts they can make. Here are companies from vegan brands such as Biona that bring fruits from around the world for vegans.

Essential Trading Organic Pineapple Chunks In Juice

Juicy pineapple chunks that you can use in vegan cream-based desserts and soul food.

Biona – Organic Banana Blossom In Brine

A tear shaped fruit of Southeast Asia, the banana blossom is chunky and is great in savoury dishes.

Biona – Organic Yellow Thai Curry Jackfruit In a Can

Your ideal Thai curry additive, the organic jackfruit pairs well with spaghetti.

Epicure – Peach Halves In Fruit Juice

Why wait for peach picking time when you can buy Epicure’s peach halves all year round.

Biona – Organic Apricot Halves In Rice Syrup

These apricot halves immersed in rice syrup are best for desserts or vegan ice cream.


Zest – Vegan Basil Pesto

A carnival of nuts and basil, the pesto by Zest is your alternative to ketchup.

Mr. Organic – Organic Italian Chili & Garlic Pesto

Hot chili lovers need to try this Italian chili and garlic pesto for good fierce flavors.

Suma – Organic Sundried Tomatoes & Chili Vegan Red Pesto

Sun-dried tomato and chili pesto are the perfect fit for lasagne, pizzas and other foods.

Suma – Organic Vegan Pesto Rosso

The classic Italian rosso by Suma is a blend of tomato, basil and cashews for your savoury treats.

Suma – Organic Lemon & Herb Vegan Pesto

Add a refreshing summer breeze to your salads with the lemon and herb vegan pesto.


A hearty soup for dinner is all we vegans want. Brands like Suma and Free & Easy provide protein-rich yet flavoursome soup in a can. Prepare your meal in minutes.

Free & Easy – Low Salt Organic Broccoli & Kale Soup

A spirited combination super veggies broccoli and kale, this soup is low in salt and high in flavour.

Suma – Organic Spicy Lentil Soup

The red lentil soup comes with 22% red lentil, carrots, corn syrup and a blend of Easter spices.

Amy’s Kitchen – Organic Hearty Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup

Amy’s Kitchen gives you a glimpse of Italy in its soup of ceci (Italian for chickpeas), brown rice and veggies.

Free & Easy – Organic Lentil & Red Pepper Soup

Red pepper in soup is mouth-watering, but when it’s in a combo with lentils, you get loadsa protein as well.

Mindfuel – Organic Whole Food Protein Soup – Indian Curry

Indian food is all about unique flavour. The Mindfuel Indian curry soup is a burst of East Asian spices.

Tinned Meals

For vegans who prefer eating food rather than cooking it, tinned meals are a saviour by sitting in the cupboard and waiting for the oven.

Suma – Tins of Beans & Sausages

Suma brings to you 47% baked haricot beans with 15% Lincolnshire sausages immersed in rapeseed oil and other wholesome thickeners.

Marigold – Mo-du (Mock Duck) – Braised Seitan Slices

A burst of Asia in your bowl, the Mo-Do is soy and flour mix sliced like duck meat.

We Can Vegan – Bolognese

We Can Vegan, offers Bolognese made of 15% soy mince and a blend of coconut and rapeseed oil, glutens and spices.


Our knight in shining armour, tomatoes pair like a dream with anything from soups and salads to fillings and sauces. Suma and Mr. Organic sell an assortment of canned tomatoes.

Suma – Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes

The quickest way for cooks to get straight into meal prep, these whole peeled tomatoes are 60% tomatoes in tomato juice.

Mr. Organic Italian Whole Plum Tomatoes

Wholesome whole plum ripe organic tomatoes by Mr. Organic for fresh plant-based meals.

Suma – Organic Chopped Tomatoes With Basil

Suma already adds a pinch (0.4%) of basil with their chopped tomatoes for the perfect pizza base.


The thing about vegetables is that they go bad far too quickly. Grocery shopping every day is not really an option for many workers. Enter lifesavers like like Amaizin, Epicure and Mr. Organic.

Epicure – Leaf Spinach

Classic leaf spinach in a tin can with no salty base, 100gm of this bad boy provides 31kCal of energy.

Amaizin – Jalapeño Peppers

The best chili pepper in town, the Jalapeno peppers are your guide to savoury treats.

Mr Organic – Italian Antipasti Grilled Artichokes With Herbs & Spices In Oil

Mr. Organic offers fragments of grilled artichoke on a pool of sunflower and olive oil. Conclusion A plant-based diet that is well-planned and includes the food from this guide can help you make quick and nutritious vegan meals.

We hope this article has helped you.