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Write For Vegan Supermarket UK

We are one of the first online Vegan Shopping Centres in the UK

Why? Because that’s where you can buy all your vegan shopping in one place!

As part of this exciting growth strategy, we are looking for authentic writers who can write for vegan supermarket UK and produce exciting original content that will resonate with our readers.

I personally founded Vegan Shopping Centre because I love animals and I want to make it really easy for people to buy products that don’t cause animal cruelty and conversely, not buy things that do cause animal cruelty – we’ve got a long way to go.

Also, although I’m really good at eating tasty vegan burgers, I’m bad at writing compelling articles, so I need your help please!

So, thinking about animals… What’s on your mind?

Do you think people could be helped by what you want to write about?

Do you think that you could make veganism attractive to people who have not really given it much thought?

Articles, videos and even songs are welcome.

Here’s a few guidelines to bear in mind.

  • Articles can be between 1000 and 1,500 words approximately
  • Make sure there is a catchy headline and introduction and that you have effectively conveyed your point and concluded your article so it doesn’t leave the reader/viewer frustrated
  • Please. No descriptions or images of animal cruelty.
  • Please do not copy! We run all submitted articles through a plagiarism checker.
  • You don’t have to be a professional writer.
  • Please ensure that you have double checked your article and there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and that it would make sense to other readers/viewers.
  • Videos; 5 minutes max. Embedded on Youtube
  • Songs; 3 minutes max. Embedded on Youtube
  • VERY IMPORTANT! You would be happy granting us exclusive rights to use your material and agree not to distribute it to other media. This is to protect us both from duplicate content issues, which could detract from the quality of your effort.
  • If we do decide to publish you hard work, we reserve the right to alter it, to suit the tone of our site. We would always send you a final draft and you will always have the final decision to publish, or not.
  • All media materials including photos, drawings/infographics and music/soundtracks must be owned by you or you have written copyright permission to use such materials.

Here’s some subjects you might like to write about:

  • Vegan Food
  • Vegan and Sustainable Fashion
  • Vegan Household Purchases
  • Vegan Fitness and nutrition
  • Cruelty Free Lifestyle
  • Cruelty Free Makeup
  • Family life
  • Animal Activism
  • It’s important to be inclusive of people who are not yet aligned with the vegan philosophy. Try and find areas where there may be some common ground that can be explored further, so everyone benefits.

You could explore aspects from your own experiences, or maybe join a vegan support group on Facebook, etc for example. You can even set up your own poll to ask any question that you want answered, to help you craft your article.

What went wrong stories are always newsworthy! Disastrous recipe stories are a favourite!

With each article we need your bio please.

Include a face photo of about 600 x 600 pixels and a description of around 20 words.

If you can demonstrate a consistently high standard we may ask you to join our panel of writers.
Who knows, you could even be approached about a career in journalism!

Not too sure how to write your vegan article?

Why not read articles in popular online vegan publications for inspiration and quality requirements.

Most of all, let your creativity run wild, have fun but please be respectful.

Please send your article to us here.

Finally, any questions please ask!

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