X Factor Finalist Releases Ground-Breaking Single For Animals!

Singer Cate Evens has recently released probably the most important single of her life ( single for animals ). (Her website is in German, so you’ll need to use Google translate on the Chrome browser)

The single is called Running Scared and is taken from her current album ‘Wine for Disaster.

This is one of the most important songs that Cate has ever written.

I’ve had quite a few songs submitted to me in the name of animal rights and although the idea is lovely, the singles were, ahem, not really up to scratch.

This one is different! This single by Cate is right up there with the top stars. Its really very good. To be honest, it brought a tear to my eye!

I have got to warn you that I couldn’t watch the video as it shows scenes of animal cruelty – so be warned.

Cate says the single; “goes out to every animal on this planet that is being humiliated, tortured and killed by mankind. 50% of all earnings will be donated to the wonderful animal-welfare organisation Streuner im Dunkeln which, with undying love, devotion and tirelessness, tries to save as many romanian stray dogs from being tortured or killed as possible!!!”

Cate says she will never ask for ANYTHING ever again but she will be so grateful for every single download!!!!!!

Please feel free to share!!!



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