Vegan Chicken

Vegan Chicken & Sausages

We have a fantastic range of plant based chicken to choose from and they all taste great! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Crispy Veg Nuggets

Crispy Veg Nuggets

Butternut Squash, Parsnip, Carrot and Sweet Potato come together in all their naturally sweet glory, producing comforting crispy nuggets perfect for any occasion.

The Beyond Meat Sausage

The Beyond Meat Sausage

The delightful hot sausage you want is now manufactured from plants. What’s the best part? You might not be able to tell. Plant-based sausage for grilling, frying, and more.

The Kale & Quinoa Burger

The Kale & Quinoa Burger

A blend of quinoa, kale, and mixed vegetables with a crispy coat and full of taste. Low in saturated fat, source of fibre, GMO-free and vegan-friendly. Frozen, Peanut Free and Nut Free.

Pulled Spicy Herbs

Pulled Spicy Herbs

Delicious, plant-based Pulled Pork for tasty burgers, tacos and wraps. The sunflower proteins contained are obtained from unused components of oil production – and are therefore…

Organic Plain Tempeh

Organic Plain Tempeh

Tempeh is a traditional fermented food made from soya. It can be can be fried, steamed or baked and has a delicious savoury flavour. It is high in protein and naturally gluten and dairy free.

Shape Me Mince

Shape Me Mince

NATURLI’ Shape Me! Minced is 100% plant based and gluten free and can be shaped in any way you wish. Patties, veggie balls – or whatever your imagination desires. Just go wild!

Pulled BBQ

Pulled BBQ

Delicious, plant-based Pulled Pork for tasty burgers, tacos and wraps. The sunflower proteins contained are obtained from unused components of oil production – and are therefore twice as sustainable.

Organic Falafels

Organic Falafels

\Perfect Season Organic Falafels are made from organic beluga lentils and red pepper, seasoned with balsamic vinegar and oregano. Perfect in wraps, salads or solo! Each pack contains 16 falafels.

Organic Pea Fritters

Organic Pea Fritters

Perfect Season OrganicPea Fritters are made from organic beans, mushrooms and a hint of sundried tomato. Perfectly crunchy small patties packed with umami!

Lincolnshire Sausages

Lincolnshire Sausages

Enjoy our tender, succulent and super-tasty plant-based Lincolnshire sausages. Using finely blended plant protein from peas and soya beans along with a mouth-watering blend of…

Marigold Braised Tofu Canned

Marigold Braised Tofu Canned

Versatile, delicious and highly nutritious vegan food in a ring pull can. Can be served hot or cold. Strips of braised soy meat in a rich soya sauce marinade, with tender…

Organic Dill Cakes

Organic Dill Cakes

Perfect Season Organic Dill Cakes are made from organic beans, cauliflower and then seasoned with fresh dill. Just as delicious as a freshly caught fish cake! Each pack contains 4 patties.



Vegan tuna today is what kale was 10 years ago. But when you’re a future thinker and flexitarian, you eat ahead of the curve. Good for you, and good for this plant-based tuna. Future Farm Tvna is flaky, 100% plant-based and…

Organic Soya Mince

Organic Soya Mince

Clearspring Gluten Free Organic Soya Mince is a quick cook vegetarian protein which can be used in a multitude of recipes instead of meat. Soya beans are simply cold pressed…

Gluten & Soy Free Chickn

Gluten & Soy Free Chickn

Soya and Gluten Free A great party platter addition, lunchtime snack, and children’s favourite. These are high protein, low in fat, and soya-free. Spiced with cayenne and flavoured…

Vegan Chicken & Sausages

Vegan chicken & vegan sausages have emerged as a popular alternative for those seeking a plant-based diet while still enjoying the traditional textures and flavours typically associated with poultry.

This ingenious creation, often made from ingredients such as tofu, vital wheat gluten, or seitan, imitates the taste and texture of chicken without any animal products.

As concern for animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and personal health rises, vegan chicken provides a compromise, offering the savoury satisfaction of chicken dishes but in a cruelty-free form.

The versatility of vegan chicken makes it a prime choice for a variety of cuisines and cooking methods.

Whether grilled, baked, or fried, it can be incorporated into numerous recipes ranging from comforting home-cooked meals to mouth-watering gourmet culinary creations.

Consumers enjoy an array of innovative plant-based chicken options that can be tailored to suit various dietary needs and flavour preferences. All the while, they remain rich in protein and free from cholesterol found in traditional meat.

Key Takeaways

  • Vegan chicken is a plant-based alternative to traditional poultry, suitable for versatile cooking methods.
  • The product caters to a growing demand for ethical, sustainable, and health-conscious food options.
  • Plant-based chicken innovations continue to improve, reflecting consumer preferences across different cuisines.

Understanding Vegan Chicken

Vegan chicken is a plant-based alternative to poultry, offering a similar texture and protein content without animal products. This section explores what constitutes vegan chicken, its benefits, nutritional aspects, and common ingredients used in its creation.

What is Vegan Chicken?

Vegan chicken is a cruelty-free substitute for traditional chicken, designed to mimic its taste and texture using plant-derived ingredients.

It’s often found in various forms, such as ready-to-eat pieces, nuggets, or in raw form to be cooked as desired.

Benefits of Vegan Chicken

Health: Lower in saturated fats, vegan chicken contributes to better heart health. Ethical: Choosing vegan chicken supports animal welfare and ethical consumption. Environmental: Plant-based options have a much lower carbon footprint, promoting sustainability.

Nutritional Profile

  • Protein: Essential for muscle repair and growth, vegan chicken is often rich in protein.
  • It can be a significant protein source.
  • Fibre: Unlike animal chicken, some vegan chicken contains dietary fibre.
  • Vitamins: Nutritional yeast, a common ingredient, adds essential B-vitamins to many vegan chicken products.

Popular Vegan Chicken Ingredients

  • Tofu: Made from soybeans and known for its high protein content. It’s frequently used as a base in dishes like Vegan Butter Chicken with Tofu.
  • Seitan: Composed of vital wheat gluten, it provides a meaty texture and is a substantial protein source.
  • Vital wheat gluten: The main protein in wheat, it’s used for its elastic and binding properties.
  • Nutritional yeast: Offers a cheesy or nutty flavour and is fortified with vitamins, particularly B-complex.

Using these ingredients, vegan chicken provides a versatile and nutritious option in a plant-based diet, demonstrating that one can enjoy the flavours they love while adhering to ethical and dietary preferences.

Types of Vegan Chicken

Vegan chicken alternatives offer diverse options for those looking to avoid animal products.

One can opt for either homemade recipes or a variety of store-bought products, each providing a unique texture and flavour profile suited to different culinary needs.

Homemade Vegan Chicken Options

Seitan: The most popular homemade vegan chicken is seitan, made from vital wheat gluten. Its meaty texture makes it a versatile ingredient in dishes.

One can season and shape it into cutlets, nuggets, or shreds to mimic chicken in nearly any recipe.

Tofu: Tofu can be marinated and baked, imparting it with a dense, chewy texture that’s somewhat akin to chicken.

It absorbs flavours well and can be used in a butter chicken-inspired dish for a creamy, protein-packed meal.

Vegan Chicken Varieties

Nuggets & Patties: Store-bought vegan chicken comes in many forms including nuggets and patties. They’re a convenient option for a quick meal and often contain a blend of soya, pea protein, or wheat gluten for texture.

Preparation Methods: These products may be steamed, baked, grilled, or fried, giving consumers the freedom to prepare them as they prefer. Each brand offers cooking instructions to achieve the best texture and flavour.

Vegan Chicken Recipes

Exploring vegan chicken recipes, one finds a variety of options ranging from simple creations to gourmet dishes.

These recipes often call for seasonings, flour, and breadcrumbs to achieve a satisfying texture and taste that mimics traditional chicken.

Basic Vegan Chicken Recipe

A fundamental vegan chicken recipe begins with creating a seasoned base that typically includes vital wheat gluten, a flour that’s crucial for developing a meaty texture.

A mix of water, oil, and seasoning, such as salt, garlic powder, and onion powder, forms a marinade which infuses the vegan chicken with flavour.

This mixture is then shaped, steamed to cook through, and can be used in a multitude of dishes.

Specialty Vegan Chicken Dishes

Moving beyond the basics, speciality vegan chicken dishes introduce creativity and international flair.

Marinades may include a rich array of spices, while batters and breadcrumbs are applied for diverse textures.

One can craft everything from crispy vegan fried chicken using a seasoned flour batter to sophisticated entrees that feature a well-prepared vegan chicken cutlet as the centrepiece.

The Edgy Veg offers an inspiring selection of over 15+ Vegan Chicken Recipes for those looking to expand their culinary repertoire.

Cooking Techniques and Tips

Crafting appetising vegan chicken involves meticulous preparation, seasoning, and cooking.

Having the right techniques at one’s fingertips can elevate the dish from satisfactory to outstanding.

Preparing the Vegan Chicken Base

Ingredients: To achieve a desirable texture for the vegan chicken base, one often utilises vital wheat gluten, known for its high protein content and meaty texture.

Mixing it with flour forms a dough that when cooked, closely mimics the fibrous structure characteristic of chicken.

Process: Blending the vital wheat gluten and flour with vegetable broth enhances the base’s flavour profile while contributing to moisture, which is essential in preventing a dry outcome.

The incorporation of seasoning such as garlic powder and onion powder at this stage ensures an even distribution of flavours throughout the vegan chicken.

Seasoning and Flavour Enhancements

  • Herbs and Spices: Seasoning is paramount; one should generously apply a variety of herbs and spices to impart depth and authenticity to the vegan chicken’s taste. Garlic powder and onion powder serve as the foundation for this flavour building.
  • Marinades: For those desiring an intense taste, marinating the vegan chicken in a blend of spices, oils, or sauces before cooking can infuse it with additional layers of flavour. Each ingredient should be chosen carefully to complement the overall taste palette.

Cooking Methods

Vegan chicken requires various cooking methods to achieve the final desired state.

  1. Baking: A common method that delivers a consistent texture. One may coat the vegan chicken in seasoned flour before immersing it in oil to ensure a crisp outer layer. Baking at the appropriate temperature is crucial for achieving that sought-after tenderness inside, with a golden exterior.
  2. Boiling: One may boil the vegan chicken within a seasoned broth to retain moisture and infuse it with more flavour. This method is particularly effective for preparing vegan chicken intended for soup dishes or stews.
  3. Frying: For those craving a mouth-watering crunch, frying is the way to go. Submerging the vegan chicken in hot oil produces an inviting crispness. However, it’s essential to carefully control the frying temperature to avoid burning or undercooking.

Serving and Pairing Ideas

In crafting a satisfying meal with vegan chicken, considering how it’s paired and served is crucial.

Texture, flavour, and complementary ingredients all elevate the dining experience.

Common Pairings with Vegan Chicken

Vegan chicken, due to its versatility, pairs wonderfully with a wide range of flavours and ingredients.

A classic combination is vegan fried chicken served alongside chips (fries), where it’s often seasoned with salt and pepper to enhance its savouriness.

This dish can be complemented with gravy made from plant-based butters and seasoned with herbs.

Another popular dish is Indian-inspired vegan butter chicken, typically served with rice and naan.

The rich, creamy sauce is seasoned with traditional spices like garam masala and can be enjoyed with a side of steamed vegetables or a crisp salad.

For those looking for lighter fare, vegan chicken adds a hearty element to salads.

It can be grilled and sliced to top a bed of greens or mixed with a vinaigrette for a tangy twist.

In cooler weather, incorporating vegan chicken into soups adds substance and protein.

It’s especially delicious in brothy soups with noodles, providing a comforting and fulfilling meal.

Creative Ways to Serve Vegan Chicken

One can elevate their culinary creations by introducing vegan chicken into unexpected dishes.

A bold choice is serving it in fajitas.

The spiced vegan chicken strips can be accompanied by sautéed peppers and onions, and served in a warm tortilla with salsa and guacamole.

Experimentation with sauces and condiments can lead to new flavour profiles for vegan chicken.

For example, trying a seasoning of smoked paprika and cumin gives a smoky depth that’s ideal for barbecue-themed dishes.

For a global touch, one might consider Asian-inspired flavours such as a teriyaki or sweet and sour sauce, which pair well with the neutral taste of vegan chicken.

These dishes can be served over rice or noodles with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and sliced green onions for an authentic touch.

Health and Dietary Considerations

When assessing vegan chicken, it’s crucial to scrutinise the health benefits and understand how it fits within dietary restrictions.

Vegan chicken often presents a lower saturated fat content and can be a high-protein option suitable for various diets.

Comparing Health Benefits

Saturated Fat: Traditional chicken is known to have a higher saturated fat content, which, when consumed in excess, can contribute to heart disease.

In contrast, vegan chicken typically has reduced saturated fat levels, making it a healthier alternative for those monitoring their intake.

Protein Content: Maintaining a high-protein diet is essential for muscle repair and overall health.

Vegan chicken is designed to be high in protein, often utilising soy, pea, or wheat protein to reach levels comparable with traditional chicken.

Understanding Dietary Restrictions

Gluten-Free Options: Not all vegan chicken is gluten-free due to ingredients like wheat protein. However, many brands offer gluten-free alternatives to cater to those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Healthier Considerations: For individuals focusing on a healthier lifestyle or with specific dietary restrictions, vegan chicken can complement their diet. It often contains fewer calories and less cholesterol, making it a fitting choice for a balanced diet.

Innovations in Plant-Based Chicken

The development of plant-based chicken has seen remarkable strides in both culinary finesse and the replication of traditional chicken textures and tastes. These advancements are instrumental in the growing acceptance of meat alternatives in mainstream cuisine.

Culinary Improvements

Plant-based chicken producers have been focused on creating products that not only align with ethical and environmental concerns but also meet the high standards of culinary excellence.

Advancements in Texture and Taste

The quest for a meaty texture and improved taste in plant-based chicken has led to significant scientific advancements.

This caters to consumers’ craving for a chewy and crispy experience that closely resembles that of actual chicken. It demonstrates the ability of plant-based products to deliver the sensory attributes traditionally associated with poultry, thus broadening their appeal.

Consumer Trends and Preferences

In the shifting landscape of meat alternatives, consumers are increasingly gravitating towards vegan chicken products. The growing penchant for these plant-based options is reflected in market analysis and user-generated content on social media platforms.

Growing Popularity of Vegan Chicken

A significant portion of young adults are choosing to either reduce or completely eliminate meat from their diets, with many favouring meatless meals during outings.

The enthusiasm for plant-based alternatives is particularly pronounced in the demand for vegan chicken products.

Items like wings, strips, and tenders have seen a surge in popularity, evidenced by a detailed report on UK menus, indicating that nearly half of surveyed 18-24-year-olds have shifted towards these options.

  • Best Vegan Chicken: Brands like Gardein have managed to maintain a loyal consumer base, offering a variety of vegan chicken options, from nuggets to fillets.
  • Their success can be attributed to their wide accessibility and consistent quality, appealing to both vegans and those who just wish to reduce meat consumption.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback

  • Star Rating: Online platforms are a valuable source of feedback, with consumers often leaving star ratings that reflect their satisfaction with vegan chicken products. High star ratings often coincide with favourable comments, indicating a product’s appeal and quality.
  • Pinterest: Visual platforms like Pinterest serve as a hub for sharing vegan recipes and products. The images often include comments that provide insights into the preferences and experiences of the plant-based community. A ‘pin’ of a well-received vegan chicken dish, for example, might garner numerous saves and comments, highlighting its popularity.
  • Comment: The commentary accompanying consumer reviews can serve as a real-time barometer for consumer sentiment. With positive comments often praising the taste and texture of plant-based chicken, it marks it as a worthy alternative to its meat counterpart.

Vegan Chicken in Various Cuisines

Vegan chicken has successfully integrated itself into an array of classic dishes worldwide, offering a plant-based alternative without compromising on flavour. This versatility has led to its increase in popularity within various culinary traditions.

Adaption in Classical Dishes

In traditional Western cuisine, vegan chicken has made its way into timeless recipes, often substituting for its meat counterpart in dishes such as:

  • Roast dinners: Using seasoned vegan chicken roast made with vegan chicken stock as the centrepiece.
  • Pies and casseroles: Incorporating chunks of vegan chicken to mimic the classic textures and tastes.

Additionally, popular appetisers like vegan buffalo chicken dip have become a staple at parties, offering a spicy and creamy option that maintains the essence of the original dish.

Vegan Chicken Across Cultures

Asian and Middle Eastern cultures have adapted vegan chicken into their meals, often utilising spices and cooking techniques to enrich the flavour:

  • Curries: Swapping out traditional chicken for a vegan version, served with aromatic rice.
  • Stir-fries: Vegan chicken strips tossed in soy or teriyaki sauce, accompanied by fresh vegetables and noodles.

The adoption of vegan meat extends beyond chicken alternatives:

  • Middle Eastern dishes: Vegan kebabs use seasoned vegan chicken or vegan sausages.
  • Italian cuisine: Pizzas and pastas utilise vegan chicken and vegan bacon to recreate familiar tastes.

This cross-cultural infusion has not only diversified menus but also catered to the growing demand for plant-based protein options in mainstream food culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common queries regarding vegan chicken, covering alternatives, preparation, brands, home cooking, fast-food options, and nutritional comparisons.

What are popular vegan chicken alternatives used in recipes?

Popular alternatives include soy-based products, wheat gluten (seitan), and pea protein. Each offers a distinct texture and flavour profile that can be used in a variety of dishes.

How can one ensure vegan chicken substitutes taste similar to real chicken?

Ensuring a similar taste involves marinating the substitutes in herbs and spices that mimic chicken flavour and using broths that add richness.

Texture can also be replicated through cooking techniques like frying or grilling.

Which brands offer the best vegan chicken products in the UK?

Brands like V Bites and others have been applauded for their delicious and natural ingredient-based vegan chicken products available in the UK market.

Are there any quick and easy recipes for homemade vegan chicken?

Yes, there are multiple recipes, such as those using chickpeas and vital wheat gluten.

For instance, a simple 9-ingredient vegan chicken can be made with pantry staples for a homemade plant-based alternative.

Can you find vegan chicken options at fast-food restaurants?

Several fast-food chains now offer vegan chicken options on their menus, catering to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.

How do vegan chicken patties differ in nutrition from traditional chicken?

Vegan chicken patties generally contain fewer calories and are high in fibre. Meanwhile, traditional chicken is a good source of protein but lacks dietary fibre.

Vegan patties often add various vitamins and minerals to enhance their nutritional profile.