Vegan Chicken

We have a fantastic range of plant based chicken to choose from and they all taste great! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Eatplanted Chick'n Original 220g

Eatplanted Chick’n Original

This isn’t chicken but it is ridiculously tasty and high in protein. Increadible vegan chicken nuggets covered in breadcrumbs made with soy and pea…

Heura Vegan Chicken Pieces 160g

Heura Vegan Chicken Pieces

The origin of everything. The most meaty and versatile flavour. Perfect for all your favourite recipes. Combine it with your best sauces and marinades.

Eatplanted Chick'n Skewer Herbs & Spices 200g

Eatplanted Chick’n Skewer

Fire up the grill, and grab our brand new skewers. Juicy pieces of our plant-based chicken, ready-marinated in a light, fresh, herby jus, perfect for summer…

Heura Vegan Chicken Nuggets 180g

Heura Vegan Chicken Nuggets

Water, soy* protein concentrate 14.2%, rice flour, corn flour, sunflower oil, potato and corn starch, flavourings, stabiliser (methyl cellulose)…

Eatplanted Chick'n Lemon & Herb 220g

Chick’n Lemon & Herb

Like chicken, made from plants. Eatplanted chick’n Lemon & Herb is a fresh, culinary canvas on which you can get creative with your ideas according…

Vegusto No Moo Mildly Aromatic Cheese 200g

Mildly Aromatic Cheese

Like its name suggests, this vegan, non-dairy alternative to cheese is deliciously mildly aromatic, with a natural cheese flavour. The No-Moo, Mildly-Aromatic…

Vegusto No Moo Walnut Cheese 200g

Vegusto No Moo Walnut Cheese

The aroma of our No-Moo Walnut cheese alternative is well-balanced, cheesy and full of flavour! See also our delicious range of vegan deli meats.

Vegusto Mushroom & No Moo Cheese Burger 2x70g

Vegusto Mushroom & No Moo Cheese Burger

Porcini and other mushrooms give this Swiss vegan Burger a delicate mushroomy taste! The burger is refined with pieces of No-Moo Classic Cheese…

Vegusto No Moo Spreadable Black Pepper 200g

Spreadable Black Pepper

Vegusto has been developing vegan specialties for more than 20 years and is proud to introduce a new addition to the No Muh range; Vegusto No Muh Black Pepper.

Vegusto No Moo Golden Cheese 200g

Vegusto No Moo Golden Cheese

No-Moo Golden is a bright golden colour, due to its one-of-a-kind gourmet rind. This fine, aromatic vegan cheese combines a touch of butter aroma…

Vegusto Paprika Schnitzel Steak 2 x 80g

Paprika Schnitzel Steak

The Swiss vegan Schnitzels are handmade with pure love power for exceptional quality and flavour. Water, wheat protein (gluten), coconut oil, sunflower oil…

Vegusto No Moo Melty Cheese 2 x 200g

Vegusto No Moo Melty Cheese

The No-Moo, Melty goes great with a toast. It adds creamy consistency to all sauces, and on a cheese sandwich, it makes a unique spicy spread!

Vegusto Deli-Style Sandwich Slices 200g

Deli-Style Sandwich Slices

A chunky, slightly smoked, tender luncheon with a tangy pepper rind! These classic Swiss deli slices, are one of the most popular Vegusto products on offer.

Vegusto No Moo, Sauce 2x 200g

Vegusto No Moo, Sauce

This wonderful No-Moo, Sauce forms a tasty brown crust when grilled, so it’s ideal for pasta dishes like lasagne, potato gratin or pies. It is also delicious on pizza, with one bag being enough for three pizzas.

Vegusto Pepper Schnitzel Steak 2 x 80g

Pepper Schnitzel Steak

This vegan Schnitzel with coarse-ground pepper is nice and spicy, adding some liveliness to your gourmet dinner table. Can be enjoyed raw, fried or breaded.

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Taifun Organic Tofu Basilico 200g

Taifun Organic Tofu Basilico

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Taifun Organic Tofu Rosso 200g

Taifun Organic Tofu Rosso

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Clearspring Tofu 300g

Clearspring Tofu

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Taifun Organic Tofu Smoked - Beechwood 200g

Organic Tofu Smoked – Beechwood

The classic variety of smoked tofu is ideal for eating cold with a bread snack or in salads. Sauteed it goes excellently with vegetable dishes, rice, potato or pasta.

Taifun Organic Firm Tofu - Natural 200g

Taifun Organic Firm Tofu – Natural

This traditional basic tofu is full of high-quality vegetable protein and extremely versatile. Tangy, spicy, sweet or sour, our natural tofu can be prepared…

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