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Welcome to our vegan shopping centre! We’re really excited to feature some of the best vegan businesses in the UK!

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We are TheVeganKind – 100% vegan online shopping heaven! We stock a huge range of over 5,000 vegan and cruelty free products…


Body and Mind Botanicals

We are the only British cannabis company that controls every stage of production…

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We believe eating 100% plant-based meals should be tasty, easy and convenient. That’s why allplants was born…

Dr Vegan how good they are

Dr Vegan Vitamins

All our supplements are ethically created and 100% vegan. Our customers choose us because…

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From our fashion pieces to beauty and even homewares, all our products are 100% vegan-friendly and have never been tested on animals…

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Evolve Beauty

All of our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. We screen every one of our 150+ ingredients in order to check that…

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The Brook

Hello, it’s lovely to meet you! We’re a small team of passionate food lovers, who want to show the world just how bloomin’ delicious plant based food can be…

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Vegan Supplement Store

Our mission is to bring high quality, great tasting, fully-Vegan sports nutrition products to the masses…

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Laithwaites Wine

For over 50 years we’ve been delivering wine the right way – from people who love making it to people who love drinking it…

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Coming Soon! We are currently negotiating with a well known perfume retailer to showcase their fantastic vegan and cruelty free perfumes.

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Immaculate Vegan

We’re on a mission. We love fashion. We just don’t like what it does to animals, people and the planet. So we decided to change it…

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Zoya Nails

Beauty doesn’t have to cost your health! Shop kind cosmetics that are non-toxic, vegan, breathable, cruelty-free & pregnancy safe…

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Wills Vegan Store

We have been a vegan company at the front of vegan clothing and sustainable fashion since we were launched in 2013…

Welcome To The UK’s Brightest Vegan Shopping Centre

Vegan Supermarket UK – Changing the World, One Order at a Time

The fabulous businesses in our vegan shopping centre are featured because they have a great choice of vegan and cruelty free products AND they are genuine businesses you can trust. Feel free to click through to their websites (above) to see their fantastic range of products. You can also browse our menu on the left if you are looking for a specific product.

Please see our affiliate disclosure and our fight for animals.

Welcome to Vegan Supermarket UK, your one-stop shop for ethical consumers. We’re on a mission to make the world a happier and healthier place whilst eliminating animal cruelty by making vegan products accessible to all.

Everybody is welcome here – you don’t have to be vegan!

We’ve aligned with the best producers from around the world to offer you the largest selection of vegan and cruelty free products available online; from delicious cheeses and succulent plant based meats to indulgent desserts and fruity wines.

But it’s more than just food and drink, you can also shop for irresistible perfumes, cruelty-free cleaning products, vegan fashion accessories, and so much more.

With all your favourite vegan and cruelty-free products (including the ones you haven’t discovered yet) in one place, there’s no need to shop elsewhere.

So, whether you are a fully fledged vegan, total newbie, vegetarian, flexitarian, or just want to make a positive impact on the world and animal welfare through your diet and lifestyle; you are in the right place.

Our Vegan and Cruelty Free Product Range

Despite supermarkets increasing their product lines in recent years, it can still be a challenge for consumers to get hold of a full range of vegan products in one place.

For those that are new to the vegan diet, squinting at labels and trying to understand what ingredients are vegan can also be a difficulty that puts them off trying to shop more ethically.

As the UK’s brightest online vegan shopping centre, we have eliminated these challenges with an extensive range of vegan products from an eclectic mix of producers, from established players through to family businesses creating small batch products.

Food – All the vegan food you could ever wish for (and more), from everyday essentials like bread, cheese, and milk to realistic mock meat and impressive items for special occasions.

Perfume – Alluring and long-lasting fragrances without the cruel animal testing or nasty chemicals found in regular perfumes and aftershaves.

Drinks – Whether you are looking for a caffeine kick, relaxing green tea, or a drop of your favourite tipple – our drinks range has it all.

Makeup – Makeup and beauty products from leading brands to give you a professional finish and help you look your best without contributing to animal cruelty.

Cleaning – Because shopping for high-quality cleaning products shouldn’t have to mean compromising on your ethics.

Gifts & Books – Make their day extra special with our range of exciting gifts and interesting books for the vegan (or non-vegan!) in your life.

Baby Food – Our range of baby food is nutritionally sound and gives your baby all they need to grow and thrive without having any animal products in.

Petcare – We know you love animals, so why not share the love with your pets? Our pet care range includes food, treats, and accessories for your furry friend.

Health – From vitamins and supplements to body care and hygiene products, our health range ensures you are always feeling your best.

Clothes – Don’t settle for less, our fashion range means you can make a difference with the clothes you wear without comprising on style.

We are constantly adding new products and strive to offer alternatives for all of your favourite non-vegan products. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we encourage you to use the menu on the left, or get in touch with us.

Why Choose Vegan Supermarket UK?

  • We’re on a mission to make products that are better for the planet easier to access! If you’ve ever struggled to find vegan alternatives to your favourite products, we are here for you.
  • 100% Vegan – EVERYTHING you see is vegan, so there’s no need to check the labels or worry about whether you cannot enjoy something you see on the site.
  • The Largest Selection – We offer the largest selection of cruelty free and vegan products in the UK including food and drink, makeup, cleaning products, clothing, gifts, and more.
  • The Best Brands – We work with some of the biggest names to bring you new products as they are launched, so you can get hold of them long before they appear on supermarket shelves.
  • All In One Place – With everything in one place, there’s no need to search around and keep multiple tabs open as you do your shopping.
  • Save When You Shop – As we deal directly with major stores, there is no extra cost to you. What’s more, we cross check with all suppliers to ensure you are getting the best prices.
  • Make a Difference – Every order you place supports vegan and cruelty free producers whilst also benefiting the planet and saving the lives of animals.
  • Flexible Shipping & Delivery – Once you are taken through to the partner’s website, you are able to choose shipping and delivery options that suit your needs with no need to brave the supermarket aisles.
  • Our customers love us because we offer an unmatched range of products from established and up and coming vegan businesses across the UK and the world, allowing them to shop from the comfort of their own homes in the knowledge that everything they see is vegan.

Creating a Healthier and Happier World

The motivation for me to create this online supermarket was simple – to stop animal cruelty. Our dream is to create a world that is without cruelty by allowing people to make healthier and more ethical choices in their everyday shopping without the hassle of using multiple outlets.

By removing the existing obstacles to vegan products and offering an ethical alternative to everyday products, we believe that more people in the UK and across the world will embrace all that veganism has to offer and become more conscious shoppers as a result.

Want to help us achieve our goal of bringing veganism to everybody?

It’s as easy as placing an order! So please use the Vegan Supermarket UK website every time you shop for groceries and other vegan products!

By doing this, not only are you benefitting from the best prices on thousands of plant based products, but you are also helping our website reach even more ethical customers, which in turn contributes to a healthier and happier world for us all.

With best wishes,

Brian Muskett (Founder)