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We have a fantastic range of seitan & tempeh to choose from. Rediscover these vegan staples! Here’s a sneak preview…
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Love Seitan - Classic Seitan Chub (Soy Free) (275g)


A deep, rich blend of herbs and spices Classic Seitan is very low in fat, high in protein and a great source of Iron, Calcium and Fibre. Perfect for a…

Impulse Foods - Classic Original Tempeh (200g)


Our best seller! Add your own spices or marinades to enhance the flavour. Please note: grey or black spots are the normal result of tempeh forming its…

Plant Power - Original Organic Cultured Tempeh (200g)

Cultured Tempeh

Meet tofu’s much cooler younger brother. Our Original Tempeh is made by fermenting whole beans – traditionally soya – with a live culture so it has a…

Upton's Naturals - Bacon Seitan (142g)

Bacon Seitan

Cook it a little or cook it a lot (for you extra crispy vegan Bacon lovers). This smoky seitan makes a great BLT, salad or pizza topping, or enjoy it as…

Biona Organic - Seitan Pieces Marinated in Ginger & Soya Sauce (350g)

Seitan Meat

Organic, Marinated in ginger & soya sauce. Meat free, tasty, ready to eat seitan, add to stir-frys or salads. No BPA used in lid.

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Tofurky - Plant-Based Sausage Kielbasa (250g)


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Simon Howie - Vegetarian Square Sausage (270g)

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VFC - Vegan Fried Chick*n - Original Fillets (316g)


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Quorn - Vegan Pepperoni Slices (100g)


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