Cruelty Free

Planet Earth belongs to all the species on her. Unfortunately, the human species’ intelligence has been the bane of other species.

Presently man is the greatest predator, feeding on both sea and land animals. The cruelty that is meted on other animal species for the benefit of humans is untold and unwanted. Animals are hunted and killed cruelly, for example, shark fins being cut off when the shark is alive and no pre stunning prior to religious slaughter, etc etc etc

Animals are also subjected to cruel laboratory experiments in the name of the drug and cosmetic testing. But people are becoming increasingly aware of the threat of these practices to other animal species and are doing something about it.

Adopting a vegan diet and shopping cruelty free is what you can do, to declare that other animal species have the right to live and be happy on Mother Earth as well.

Vote with your wallet!

Eating cruelty free helps you avoid the proven risks that come with saturated animal fats. These include high levels of bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Cruelty free shopping helps you avoid these health risks, and transfer economic profit from cruelty to cruelty free enterprises.

Animals continue to be used in experiments in the drugs and cosmetics industry. Lab animals experience fear, anxiety, and terror as various painful experiments are conducted on them.

Animals have been shown to experience emotional loss as well when their fellow animals are tortured, killed or slaughtered.

By ethical shopping, you make a stand against these unnecessary practices. There are many cruelty-free makeup products that are made from plant-based ingredients, and which are affordably priced because they do not incur these expensive animal laboratory tests.

Cruelty free shopping transfers economic profits from firms that do these harmful practices to the deserving enterprises who make a little profit while conserving the planet’s resources and letting other animals live in peace.

When this trend becomes mainstream, cruelty brands will have no option but change their way of doing business.

There is a long list of products that are cruelty-free that is maintained on

Always check out if a product that is labeled cruelty-free is on the list. There are some brands who are false labeling their products.

When shopping, do not be afraid to ask the store owner if the product is really cruelty-free. If you are not sure, you can always do shopping on dedicated stores like ehicalsuperstore.

Adopting a vegan diet and actually doing cruelty free shopping is your small way of saying that this planet belongs to all sentient beings and should be conserved for the happiness of all.

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