Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

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Vegan Wine

Vegan wine is just as good – if not better than it’s non-vegan counterpart. The more natural production method tends to provide a more authentic flavour and is closer to the vineyard’s aspirations.

So let’s uncork some good cheer with these little gems!

Wine and Champagne

 Champagne Drappier Rose Brut

  • This champagne is best served at seven degrees, and they balance the style of rose, berry aromas, as well as a fruit salad.

D`A Viognier `Lot 18` Domaine Astruc 2019

  • These wines are produced in the Roussillon area of France, which is famous for great wine. This one offers a juicy yet spicy twist.

Chateau Guiraud Sauternes 2016

  • This is one of the best sweet wines, and if that’s your preference, then do check this out.

Guillame Gonnet, Chateauneuf-Du-Pape Rouge Bel Ami, Southern Rhone, France, 2017

  • This wine offers a blend of cherries and blackberries, along with a dash of spice, garrigue, and liquorice. It tastes even better if it’s decanted for an hour before serving.

Stella Bella, Pink Muscat, Margaret River, Australia, 2020

This 2020 vintage made in Australia is an amazing blend of Turkish delight and rosewater with musk and orange blossom.

Felicette, Grenache Noir, Languedoc & South West, France, 2019

  • These wines were inspired by the spirit of “L’esprit de lieu”. These are made in France, and they are 2019 vintage.

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Vegan Beer and Lager

WooHa Rauch N’ Roll Porter

  • Who doesn’t like a brew that contains a blend of chocolate, Rauch, pale, and amber hops?

WooHa Northern Mischief Lager

The WooHa Northern Mischief Lager offers a bright and not overly hopped brew with a spicy flavor and aroma.

Gen!us Craft Lager

  • If you’re looking for a brew that combines the finest pilsner malts and Styrian Golding hops, then this is the right brew for you.

Bohemian Pilsner

The Bohemian Pilsner beer is produced in a very small quantity, as it helps the brewery to ensure it’s completely gluten-free.

Lawless Village IPA

The Lawless Village IPA is a great beer from Scotland, and it’s best served with pizza, roasted squash, pasta, curry, chocolate, etc.


Holy Grass Vodka

This vodka is infused with apple juice, which gives it a sweet taste.

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin

With every sip, you’ll get the sweet taste of strawberries, followed by a spicy kick of black pepper. The colour is a delicate pink, which adds another level to it.

Pickering’s Sloe Gin

If you’re looking for a smooth gin with a hint of spicy flavour, then Pickering’s Sloe gin will suit you perfectly. Excellent on a cold winter’s evening!

Kirsty’s Gin

Kirsty’s Gin offers the taste you’d expect from a brewery that’s been producing quality products for a long time.

Port Askaig 8 year old

The Port Askaig whiskeys are 8-year-old vintages that offer the taste of fruits as well as a satisfying smokiness.

Glen Scotia Double Cask

This alcohol gives off a sweet start, some interesting tongue-tingling, and a dry feel.

Ancnoc 12-year-old

This 12-year-old brew offers a light, yet complex brew that suits a discerning taste.

Arbikie Vodka

The Arbikie Vodka is made by combining passion and tradition, which gives them a rich taste that isn’t overwhelming.

Arbikie Haar Vodka

This wheat vodka resembles the taste of coastal fog that’s quietly floating away. Distilled from Zulu wheat, this incredible vodka also offers hints of caramel.

Organic Wine

Bodegas Parxet Cuvee 21 Cava Brut 2018
If you’re looking for an intense drink full of fruity adventures, then this is the perfect one for you.

Altolandon,Mil Historias Malbec, Manchuela, Spain, 2018

This wine comes in a colour that may vary from bright ruby to dark purple. It’s well concentrated, and it offers the aroma of blackberry, blueberry, rose, rosemary, and floral notes.

Alasia Cortese, 2019, 75cl

These wines offer the aroma of fresh green apples blended with grapefruit. It’s lightly honeyed, and the citrus flavours feel fresh and crisp.

His Eminence’s Choice, 10-Year-Old Tawny Port, Delaforce Port, Real Companhia Velha, 75cl

These wines are left to age in oak casks, which makes them of excellent quality. You’ll get a combination of a flavour of wood aging and fruity aromas. It’s rich and round tasting.

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Central Valley, Costa Vera, Indómita, 2019, 75cl

This wine offers a bright, yet light red colour of strawberries. The aroma of raspberries will fill your nose while you sip it, and it resounds of the taste of summer fruits.

Zelen, Guerila, 2018, 75cl

The Zelen offers a light green colour with patches of yellow, accompanied by an aroma of Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and bay, along with a dash of fruits. This mineral wine balances smoothness and freshness perfectly.

Mád Dry Furmint, St Tamás, 2016, 75cl

This amazing white wine bears the characteristics of Furmint variety as well as the minerality found in the vineyards of Mad Village. These are well balanced, which makes them a great choice.

Blanco, Campo Flores, Vinos Más Buscados, 2019, 75cl

This wine has a yellow colour akin to straw. Its vibrant pear and peach flavours are well-blended with citrus and grapefruit.

Torre Solar, Tempranillo, Syrah, VDT Castilla, Spain, 2018

If you love the flavour of ripe blackberries with a dash of spice in your wine, then you’ll love this wine from Spain.

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