Vegan Sweets

Vegan Sweets

We have a fantastic range of vegan sweets to choose from and they taste SO nice! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Candy Shack - Sugar Free Pear Drops (120g)

Pear Drops

Candy Shack – Home of fabulous tasting, guilt free handmade confectionery. We believe sweetness is meant to be enjoyed, that’s why our range of…

Sweetzone - Candy Floss Pails (50g)

Candy Floss

Rekindle your childhood with these delicious candy floss pails by Sweetzone! Enjoy a light and fluffy treat that will satisfy your sweet cravings…

PUR - Bubblegum Blister Aspartame Free Gum (12.6g)

Chewing Gum

A naturally sweet twist on the classic flavour we all grew up loving!

Mrs Tilly's - Belgian Chocolate Vegan Fudge (150g)


Mrs Tilly’s new Vegan Fudge is made with only the best ingredients, with a deliciously indulgent melt in the mouth texture. Available in Original…

Free From Fellows - Sugar Free Vegan Wine Gums (100g)

Wine Gums

Our delicious new Wine gums come in the classic Wine gums shapes and are tasty sugar free sweets. Free From Fellows don’t just make super delicious…

Free From Fellows - Sugar Free Vegan Rhubarb & Custard (70g)

Rhubarb & Custard

Free From Fellows™ is a much welcomed new line up of the UK’s favourite confectionery products and is proud to announce the addition of totally yummy…

Swizzels - Strawberry Refreshers Stickpack (36g)


Strawberry flavour Refresher Stick Pack

Freedom Confectionery Vanilla Marshmallows

Marsh mallows

Delicious vegan Freedom Mallows with a vanilla flavour, free from gluten, dairy, gelatine and any artificial ingredients. They are also made in an…

Double Choc Caramels

Chocolate Caramels

Brand-new: Kuhbonbon Vegan Double Choc Caramel – our vegan caramel candy with real chocolate. These yummy soft caramel bonbons are made with bio coconut……

Sweetzone - Rainbow Pencils Bag (90g)

Rainbow Pencils

Yummy fondant filled liquorice pencil shaped plant-based sweets by Sweetzone. Super fruity suitable for vegetarians and vegans low in fat

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Eat Real Veggie Straws. Kale, Tomato & Spinach 113g

Veggie Straws

Eat Real Veggie & Kale Straws Tasty tomato, spinach, potato and kale straws crisps , the ideal gluten free, vegatarian and vegan snack!

Mackie's - Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Ridge Cut (150g)


Mackie’s thick cut potato crisps are made in Perthshire, Scotland by their award-winning family business, Mackie’s at Taypack. Their potatoes are…

Karma Cola Co - Karma Cola (250ml) (Organic)


Made from real cola nuts grown in the Gola Rainforest of Sierra Leone, proceeds from each bottle of Karma Cola go to the growers’ families to…

Lemonaid - Lime Sparkling Soft Drink (330ml))


Lemonains first ever drink contains a ton of lime juice, water, and a little sugar. You might hear people say, “less is more”, and Lemonaid agree. This…

Del Monte - 100% Pure Orange Juice from Concentrate (1 Litre)

Orange Juice

Thirst quenching, gorgeous orange juice from concentrate by legendary fruit masters Del Monte. Perfect with breakfast, or any time you need an…

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