Vegan Cheese

We have a fantastic range of plant based cheese to choose from and they taste great! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Violife Coconut Cheese Slices Mozzarella 200g

Cheese Slices Mozzarella

Violife Coconut Cheese Slices Mozzarella 200g, It looks just like real cheese with a cheese-like texture and strong aroma. It can be used for pizza, salads and pasta…

Violife Grated Mozzarella 200g

Violife Grated Mozzarella

Try making your own pizza and use our vegan mozzarella flavour grated cheese with fresh tomato puree. For the perfect family meal.

Violife Prosociano Parmesan Wedge 150g

Prosociano Parmesan Wedge

With coconut oil and vitamin B12, Free from dairy, soya, gluten, lactose, nuts and preservatives, Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Kosher – BK.

Violife Grated Tex Mex Flavour 180g

Grated Tex Mex Flavour

The perfect addition to a plant-based Taco Tuesday! Water, Coconut Oil (25%), Modified Starch, Starch, Sea Salt, Dextrose, Calcium Phosphate, Lentil Protein, Spices, Green & Red…

Violife Coconut Cheese Slices Smoked Flavour 200g

Cheese Slices Smoked

Pack of Ten Dairy and Soya Free Vegan Cheese slices in Smoked Flavour. Try mixing into pasta sauce for a smokey cheesey pasta dish or try in a sandwich with…

Sheese Greek Style 200g

Sheese Greek Style

The Greek style Sheese is a Southern European style Dairy Free alternative to cheese. The Vegan and Kosher Greek style is a non-dairy alternative…

Creamy Sheese Chives 255g

Creamy Sheese Chives

Creamy Chives is a dairy-free alternative to cream cheese, with a taste of summer. The Vegan and Kosher Creamy Sheese with Chives, chock-full of chives…

Sheese Mature Cheddar Style Sliced 180g

Cheddar Style Sliced

A soy free alternative made with Coconut Oil and Oat Fibre. Grab in the fridge and enjoy straight away or use for cooking, it melts incredibly well.

Creamy Sheese - Original 255g

Creamy Sheese – Original

The Original Creamy Sheese is a versatile Dairy Free alternative to cream cheese. The Original can be used in exactly the same way, sweet or savoury…

Sheese Mild Cheddar Style 200g

Sheese Mild Cheddar Style

The vegan and kosher Mild Cheddar style Sheese is made with coconut oil and is so easy to use in any kind of recipe that you can clearly go wild with the Mild.

Kinda Co Farmhouse Spread 130g

Kinda Co Farmhouse Spread

A rich, creamy spread with a distinctive, sharp, cheddar-inspired flavour. A cultured cashew base gives our Farmhouse Spread it’s authentic cheesy taste. 

Nush Almond M*lk Chive Cheese Style Spread 150g

Chive Cheese Style Spread

Thick and creamy dairy free Chive Cheese spread made by churning a bespoke, creamy almond m*lk with live vegan cheese cultures and British Sea Salt…

Kinda Co Italian Style 100g

Kinda Co Italian Style

The perfect alternative to parmesan! This hard Italian style grated topping has that cheesy, tangy taste and is ready to be sprinkled over everything from…

Nush Almond M*lk Natural Cheese Style Spread

Natural Cheese Style Spread

Thick and creamy dairy free Natural Cheese Spread made by churning a bespoke, creamy almond m*lk freshly prepared in our UK based factory with live…

Kinda Co Sour Creme & Chives Spread 130g

Sour Creme & Chives Spread

Cool and smooth with fresh chives and black pepper. Perfect on a toasted bagel with slices of cucumber, or spooned into potato skins.

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Creemi Plant-based Jalapeno Mayo 250g

Plant-based Jalapeno Mayo

Our Smooth & Creamy Mayo is made from natural ingredients utilising the chickpea to replace the egg, so its plant based. We believe you don’t…

Follow Your Heart Original Vegenaise 340g

Original Vegenaise

Enjoy real mayonnaise taste with the world-famous, egg-free and all natural Vegenaise! Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Filtered Water, Brown Rice Syrup…

The Vurger Co Garlic & Herb Mayo 240g

Garlic & Herb Mayo

We use a mix of Basil, Dill, Parsley and citrus-y notes to give our Garlic & Herb vegan mayo the perfect level of tanginess. Not only is this Garlic and Herb vegan…

Follow Your Heart Garlic Aioli Vegenaise 340g

Garlic Aioli Vegenaise

With its delightfully fragrant aroma and savory garlic flavor, this organic aioli brings the taste of the Mediterranean to your table.

Creemi Plant-based Roasted Garlic Mayo 250g

Plant-based Roasted Garlic Mayo

We believe you don’t need to use eggs to make great Mayo and this really is Mayonnaise 2.0. Water, Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Modified Potato Starch…

If you love cheese…

And you are looking for a great vegan alternative, you are in the right place!
Here is a quick guide to getting to know the various types of vegan cheese available.

The 3 Top Sources Of Vegan Cheese

You might be wondering how vegan cheese is made. You will find that various unique ingredients are used to create such cheeses. These include:

Tree Nuts And Seeds

Vegan cheese is made from various raw tree nuts and seeds. It requires minimal processing and is combined with other ingredients to make it cheese-worthy. Some popular ingredients for these cheeses include almonds, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, and more.


Soy is one of the most common ingredient for creating vegan cheese and it lends itself to melting just like the original one.


Another common ingredient to create vegan cheese is coconut milk, oil, and cream. The high-fat content of coconut is ideal for creating a creamy cheese in no time. However, it requires other ingredients to get the texture of real cheese.

Top 3 Styles Of Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese comes in unique styles. The top ones include;

Cream Cheese

Yes, you don’t have to give up your cream cheese on toast if you don’t want to use real cheese. There are various vegan cream cheese options. The best part is that it also comes in many unique and tasty flavours.

Grated Cheese

Many brands offer grated vegan cheese. For example, some of the most popular ones are cheddar and mozzarella vegan cheese. These are ideal for casseroles, pizza, potatoes, tacos, and more.

Sliced And Block Versions

Sliced and block vegan cheese comes in many flavours and varieties. These include provolone, cheddar, smoked gouda, American, and more. You can use this cheese in sandwiches, burgers, crackers, and more.

Is Vegan Cheese A Healthier Alternative?

Finally, you might also be wondering if vegan cheese is a healthier alternative. These cheese are high in various vitamins, fibre, and minerals. Besides that, the ingredients can help with digestive and gut health.

However, you should always check the label to see if there are any highly processed ingredients inside. Of course, it is healthy to purchase vegan cheese with natural ingredients.


Ultimately, it is your decision to purchase vegan cheese for a healthy diet or ethical reasons. The key is to understand the sources and ingredients to make an informed decision. Once you do that, you can discover the best vegan options for yourself.
For some excellent vegan cheese, be sure to go through our extensive selection, shown above.

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