Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese

Discover a world of award-winning plant based dairy free cheeses right here! Now you don’t have to miss out when the cheese and biscuits are served. In fact you don’t have to miss out on anything where cheese is concerned.

The Trouble With Dairy Cheese…

Apart from the awful ethical & environmental considerations, let’s be honest… it tastes really good! Well, they have had thousands of years of culinary evolution behind them.

Also, to make matters worse, the vegan cheese offerings a few years ago were, erm.. dire, (but quite handy for filling cracks in the wall).

Fast forward to today and the plant based cheese range is growing fast and the tastes range from, “mmm. That’s actually ok” to “OMG! That’s REALLY nice!”

For that we must say thank you to the pioneering chefs who absolutely refused to compromise on taste and versatility.

It’s not nice to see high street shops close down, especially with the Coronavirus crisis but I do smile inwardly when I see the butchers shop replaced with a gorgeous dairy free shop.

Actually there are now vegan butchers shops springing up on the high street!

If you can’t get to the shops or have a really busy schedule, then you can order all your cheese requirements right here, online and we’ll whisk it to your door.

So, What Is Vegan Cheese Made Of?

In this article, we take a look at the key ingredients that are used to make dairy free cheese, what unique properties they bring and the health benefits they offer.

What Type Of Vegan Cheese Would You Like?

We stock a huge variety of cheeses. All your favourite brands are here and quite a few exciting artisan products which you just have to try!

Blocks Of Cheese

Just like the old blocks and just as versatile. You can slice them to use for sandwich fillings, or dice up for salads or yummy cheese on toast, toasted under with vegan Worcester Sauce (gosh that’s made me feel hungry – Yes I’m a self-confessed cheese-aholic!)

Grated and Toppings

Do you love the convenience of grated cheese? Well we have all pack sizes and flavours for you to concoct your own culinary masterpieces.


Or what about the pure versatility of sliced cheese? Again, in all your favourite flavours. You can make sandwiches in a flash and avoid those annoying grazed knuckles!


Talking of sandwiches, what about the ridiculously tasty spreads we have on offer. Smooth and creamy, they are eminently suitable for crackers too.

In fact out vegan cheese selection is just too much to write about, so I’m off to eat some lovely cheese and crackers for lunch. Have you ordered yours yet?

Happy Chease Eating!