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Westerham Brewery Co. Hop Rocket IPA

Westerham Brewery Co. Hop Rocket

First brewed in 2013, their latest edition will be launched with Apollo hops in the boil. To commemorate the “Columbia” command module of Apollo 11, we will add…

Durham Brewery Saint Cuthbert

Brewery Saint Cuthbert

Origin:This is our interpretation of the strong, highly hopped beer that was exported from Burton to India in the 19C. In the days before beers were filtered and sterilized…

Westerham Brewery Co. Tripple Trouble

Brewery Co. Tripple Trouble

Westerhams interpretation of a Belgian Tripel, lightly spiced with Curaçao bitter orange peel, Maniguette pepper and Indian Coriander.  Brewed with Abbaye yeast this…

Durham Brewery Magus Pale Ale

Brewery Magus Pale Ale

Its Durham Breweries best selling beer for a reason. Simple pale malts provide a base for a complex blend of hops. The colour is very pale with lemon citrus and floral flavours…

Westerham Brewery Co. 1965 Special Bitter Ale

Brewery Co. 1965 Special Bitter Ale

A premium ale to commemorate the year 1965 when the Black Eagle Brewery closed, Winston Churchill passed away and Robert Wicks was born. Brewed to a similar recipe…

Durham Brewery Dark Angel

Durham Brewery Dark Angel

Drinks much bigger than 4.3%. A robust and full-bodied stout with coffee roast bitterness and rich caramel notes. Seven different grains including oats create a complex malt body.

Cheddar Ales Crown & Glory

Cheddar Ales Crown & Glory

Cheddar Ales Crown & Glory. Our seriously hoppy and fruity premium bitter. Brewed using the finest malts and hops, putting the great back into Great British beer.

Cheddar Ales Potholer

Cheddar Ales Potholer

Cheddar Ales Potholer. Award winning light and refreshing golden ale is a modern classic with zesty fruit flavours and a rounded, hoppy finish. A modern classic.

Hambleton Ales GFL (Gluten Free Lager)

Hambleton Ales GFL

Hambleton Ales GFL (Gluten Free Lager). A lighter and paler beer for those that enjoy an easy drinking premium lager. Uniquely balanced and best served chilled.

Cheddar Ales Lisa Likes Nelson

Cheddar Ales Lisa Likes

A stunning New Zealand Pilsner created by Matthew Scorer winner of UK National Homebrew Competition 2019. Clean, crisp flavours, rich in fresh hops and full of bright tropical fruit aromas.

Sharing Box Gift – 9 Light Vegan Beers (IPA. Pale Ale & Blonde) & 2 Curries

Sharing Box Gift – 9 Light Vegan Beers

A selection of 9 light beers and you can select 2 Curry Kits. The beers include one each of:- Hambleton Session – Pale Ale Hambleton Thoroughbred – IPA Hambleton Stud Blonde – Golden Blonde…

Westerham Brewery Co. Bohemian Rhapsody – 440ml

Brewery Co. Bohemian Rhapsody

Straw yellow lager (that means lagered or matured for 4 weeks) hopped with Czech grown Saaz or Zatec noble hops with a distinctive hop aroma and bitterness usually…

6 Mixed Vegan Beers Gift

6 Mixed Vegan Beers Gift

This gift pack contains a mix of 6 beers including: Hambleton Thoroughbred IPA Hambleton Session – Pale Ale Yorkshire Heart Blonde Yorkshire Heart JRT – Bitter Westerham Audit Ale – Ruby Cheddar Ales…

Westerham Brewery Co. Helles Belles

Westerham Brewery Co. Helles Belles

A beautifully delicate but hoppy helles style lager. Hopped with German Hallertau Tradition and lagered a minimum of 4 weeks. Our best selling beer in the Tap Room.

Sharing Box Gift – 9 Dark Vegan Beers (Bitter, Porter & Stout) & 4 Snacks

Sharing Box Gift – 9 Dark Vegan Beers

A selection of 9 dark beers and you can select 4 snacks. The beers include one each of:_ Hambleton Nightmare Porter Westerham Double Stout Westerham British Bulldog – Bitter Westerham…

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Discover the Joy of Vegan Beer

Are you a beer enthusiast who is also mindful of your dietary choices? Have you recently transitioned to a vegan lifestyle and are finding it hard to give up your favourite brews? Worry no more!

We are excited to introduce our range of vegan beers – a perfect blend of taste, tradition, and ethics. Say goodbye to the days when being vegan meant compromising on taste or variety.

What is Vegan Beer?

Many people are surprised to learn that not all beer is vegan. Traditional beer is often clarified using isinglass, a substance derived from fish bladders. This process leaves traces of animal products in the final product, making it unsuitable for vegans.

Vegan beer, on the other hand, is made without the use of any animal products at any stage of production. Instead, it is clarified using plant-based or synthetic alternatives.

Why Choose Vegan Beer?

1. Ethical Choice

By choosing vegan beer, you are taking a stand against animal cruelty and making a conscious effort to reduce your impact on the environment. It’s a small change that can make a big difference.

2. Healthier Option

Vegan beers often contain fewer additives and preservatives, making them a healthier choice. Plus, they are just as delicious as traditional beers, if not more so!

3. Wide Variety

Gone are the days when vegan options were limited and bland. Today, there is a wide variety of vegan beers available, from stouts and ales to lagers and IPAs. There is something for every palate!

Our Vegan Beer Range

We are proud to offer a wide range of vegan beers, all brewed locally in the United Kingdom. Our selection includes:

1. Classic Lager

A light and refreshing lager with a crisp finish. Perfect for a hot summer’s day.

2. Rich Stout

A dark and robust stout. Or a Porter if you prefer. Ideal for those who prefer a fuller-bodied beer.

3. Hoppy IPA

A flavourful IPA with a int of bitterness. A favourite among hop lovers.

4. Smooth Ale

A well-balanced ale with a smooth and malty finish. Dark & Ruby – A classic choice for any occasion.

Taste the Difference

Our vegan beers are crafted with the highest quality ingredients and brewed to perfection. We believe that being vegan doesn’t mean compromising on taste, and we are confident that once you try our beers, you will agree. Order a sample pack today and taste the difference for yourself!

Ready to Make the Switch?

Join the growing number of beer lovers who are making the switch to vegan beer. It’s a small change that can make a big difference – to your health, to the environment, and to the animals.

Order your vegan beer online now and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

Cheers to making better choices!