Vegan Baked Beans

We have a fantastic range of delicious vegan foods in tins & jars – including vegan baked beans! Here’s a sneak preview…
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Heinz - Baked Beanz (415g)

Baked Beans

Beanz Meanz Heinz. The nation’s favourite baked beans are 100% vegan – hurray! Not only do they taste fantastic, but since they’re low in fat and high…

Mr Organic - Italian Antipasti Sundried Tomatoes with Capers & Herbs in Oil (190g)


Living the Organic Lifestyle? Then the entire Mr Organic brand is absolutely perfect for you! They only use classic, honest, 100% organic ingredients in…

Suma - Chickpeas (400g)


One of the most popular pulses, chickpeas are a classic ingredient for any cook. Widely used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian cookery.

Epicure - Peach Halves in Syrup (410g)

Tinned Fruit

Our Peach halves in syrup are harvested and packed when perfectly ripe to maintain their tender sweet flavour. Try making a scrumptious oat crumble.

Le Conserve Della Nonna - Dairy & Gluten Free Green Pesto Basil Sauce (185g)


Basil pesto. No gluten, dairy, soy, nuts or egg. Suitable for vegans

Serious Pig - Snacking Pickles (40g)


We’ve sourced the finest, tastiest baby gherkins and gently pickled them to create our first Snacking Pickles. They’re crunchy and tangy and go…

Amy's Kitchen - Organic Hearty French Country Vegetable Soup (408g)

Tinned Soup

Organic long-grain red rice is slowly simmered with organic vegetables and traditional French herbs to create a delectably robust soup in the French…

We Can Vegan - Chicken Style Szechuan Curry (400g)

Tinned Meals

Plant-based curry in a can? Oh, yeah! We Can Vegan’s Szechuan Curry in a can features Chicken esq. soy pieces in a hot & spicy Szechuan chilli sauce…

Mr Organic Chopped Tomatoes (400g)

Tinned Tomatoes

Juicy, sun-ripened Organic Italian tomatoes, packed within a few hours of harvest, keeping their flavour and freshness fully intact. All our tomato…

Suma - Organic Supersweet Sweetcorn (400g)

Tinned Sweetcorn

Naturally super sweet organic sweetcorn. Canned from fresh

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Suma - Organic Red Split Lentils (500g)


Organic Red Split Lentils, 500g

Suma - Ground Cumin (50g)

Ground Cumin

Ground Cumin, 50g

Inspired Vegan - Vegan Honea Mustard Dressing (265g)

Honey Mustard

Simply drizzle over a spinach or mixed green salad. For extra flavour top with orange segments or bean sprouts. Also use as a dip for sweet potato fries.

Pimp My Salad - Cashew Parm Cheez (120g)

Cashew Parmesan

Get your meals pimped by topping with our delicious vegan cheese alternative. 100% dairy and casein/lactose free and perfect for vegan diets or for…

Suma - Flaked Almonds (125g)

Flaked Almonds

Flaked Almonds, 125g

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