Vegan Baked Beans, Tins, Cans & Jars

We have a fantastic range of delicious vegan foods in tins & jars – including vegan baked beans! Here’s a sneak preview…

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We Can Vegan Vegan Carbonara 400g

Vegan Carbonara

WeCan ready meals offer a quick and easy healthy vegan alternative to satisfy the hunger and palate of discerning customers.

Free and Easy Sweet Potato and Chia Seed Soup - 400g

Sweet Potato and Chia Seed Soup

A delicious low fat sweet potato & chia seed soup made from organically grown and processed ingredients, with the exception of sea salt.

We Can Vegan Vegan Bolognese 400g

Vegan Bolognese

Ready to eat, just simply heat and serve and enjoy with your favourite accompaniment. Fancy pasta, then try our vegan Bolognese, made with…

Granovita Mock Duck 285g

Granovita Mock Duck

This granoVita Mock Duck is made from wheat gluten (seitan) and served in gravy. A perfect vegan meat replacement for any dish. Perfect for recreating…

Geo Cheesy Macaroni Pasta 400g

Cheesy Macaroni Pasta

A completely new meal opportunity for vegans that is more than just pasta and sauce – a balanced low fat meal brimming with healthy beans and vegetables.

The Soul Soup Co Thai Style Beetroot & Coconut Soup 40g

Beetroot & Coconut Soup

Our nourishing Thai style Beetroot & Coconut dried soup is boosted with superfoods which contribute to a happy, healthy immune system.

Zest Sundried Tomato Paste - 170g

Sundried Tomato Paste

Zest sun dried tomato paste is made with simple wholesome ingredients. Free from artificial flavours and colours, this delicious rich tomato paste…

The Soul Soup Co Spicy Tomato Soup 40g

Spicy Tomato Soup

100% natural ingredients including roasted red bell pepper, tomato and sundried tomato pieces. Finished off with superfood hero; Organic Raw Freeze dried…

Biona Seitan Pieces in Soya and Ginger 350g

Seitan Pieces in Soya and Ginger

Organic, Marinated in ginger & soya sauce. Meat free, tasty, ready to eat seitan, add to stir-frys or salads. No BPA used in lid. Once open, refrigerate and…

The Soul Soup Co Spinach and Lentil Daal Soup 40g

Spinach and Lentil Daal Soup

Our wholesome Spinach and Lentil Daal dried soup is boosted with superfoods which contribute to a happy healthy brain. 100% natural ingredients…

Suma Baked Beans & Vegan Burgers 400g

Baked Beans & Vegan Burgers

Baked Beans in a rich tomato sauce with VBites mini vegan burgers. Quick to prepare and very filling. Perfect for a lazy lunch or simple supper. 

Suma Pea & Vegan Ham Soup 400g

Pea & Vegan Ham Soup

All in all, this is one extremely tasty, hearty, and filling vegan soup. Just one bowl of this soup will fill you up, A ‘meaty’ and vibrant soup that’s great for the cold days.

Suma Cheesy Pasta Pot 400g

Suma Cheesy Pasta Pot

Water, vegetables in variable proportions (22%) (potatoes, red peppers, green beans), vegan cheese (14%) (water, modified potato starch, coconut…

Suma Ravioli with Vegetable Sauce 400g

Ravioli with Vegetable Sauce

This totally vegan ravioli is a delicious meal that’s ready in a moment. Great on its own, or why not try with some garlic bread. This product is Organic and is Vegan.

Suma Mac 'n' Cheeze 400g

Suma Mac ‘n’ Cheeze

Creamy and cheezy this is Suma’s vegan twist on traditional macaroni and cheese. It’s a delicious meal that’s ready in a moment.

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BeSaucy Basil Mayo 180g

BeSaucy Basil Mayo

Clean, green and definitely not mean.Rapeseed Oil, Basil Infused Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil (9%), Basil (9%), Aquafaba (Cooked Chickpea Water…

Sunita Organic Kalamata Olive Pate 180g

Organic Kalamata Olive Pate

Our delicious Kalamon Pâté is made with selected organic olives that are harvested at the peak of ripeness and handpicked to avoid bruising the fruit…

Inspired Vegan Vegan Dill Mustard Sauce 200g

Vegan Dill Mustard Sauce

A classic sauce made using only plant-based ingredients to help improve our sustainability. Delicious with vegetable pie, potato or polenta cakes…

Organic Thai Yellow Curry Paste 180g

Organic Thai Yellow Curry Paste

This is a medium hot Thai curry paste great for creating authentic tasting meals. The yellow colour is from spices including turmeric that are used for the colour and taste.

BeSaucy Garlic Mayo 180g

BeSaucy Garlic Mayo

Like heaven… just more garlicky. Rapeseed Oil, Aquafaba (Cooked Chickpea Water, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid), Organic Soya Milk (Water, Soya Beans…

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