We have a fantastic choice of plant based nuts (really!) to choose from and they taste great! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Merchant Gourmet Whole Chestnuts (180g)

Whole Chestnuts

Merchant Gourmet’s Whole Chestnuts have been cooked, peeled and sealed in this pouch to capture their naturally sweet, nutty flavour. They’re…

Suma - Whole Cashew Nuts (250g)

Cashew Nuts

Whole Cashew Nuts, 250g

Suma - Broken Brazil Nuts (125g)

Brazil Nuts

Broken Brazil Nuts, 125g

Suma - Pine Kernels (125g)

Pine Kernels

Pine Kernels, 125g

Suma - Almonds (250g)

Whole Almonds

Almonds, 250g

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Specialite Locale - Dutch Apple Loaf Cake (450g)

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Dorset Spice Shed - Chef's Secret: Wood Fire Seasoning (300g)

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Rita Farhi - Dark Belgian Chocolate Roasted Coffee Beans (50g)

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