Vegan Soap & Bathroom Products

We have a fantastic range of vegan soap and bathroom products to choose from. Here’s a sneak preview…

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Plastic Free Cleaning Drop Bathroom Descaler - Pomegranate Tide

Bathroom Descaler – Pomegranate

Take the burden out of bathroom cleaning (because let’s face it, who wants to scrub the loo?) with this Power Cleaning Bathroom Descaler EcoDrop™.


Pomegranate Tide Starter Kit

This 100% recyclable Bottle for Life comes with a single Pomegranate Bathroom Cleaner drop to get you started (in case you don’t have a bottle/trigger spray of your own to reuse).

Plastic Free Cleaning Drop Multi-purpose - Apple Breeze

Multi-purpose – Apple Breeze

Easily cuts through grease and grime. Hard on stains, soft on surfaces, easy on the nose. Eco-friendly and plant based, the Apple Multi-Purpose EcoDrop™ works as…

The Glass Cleaner (Sea Spray) Starter Kit By Oceansaver

Sea Spray Starter Kit

Eco-friendly and plant based, Ocean Saver’s Glass Cleaner EcoDrop™ eliminates dirt, dust and pesky hand prints without the harmful chemicals.

Disinfectant Plastic Free Cleaning Drop - Pink Grapefruit

Disinfectant – Pink Grapefruit

Kills 99.9% of bacteria. Keep your surfaces sparkling and free from bacteria and COVID-19. This cleaning powerhouse is plant-based, but shows no mercy.

Iron & Velvet Antibacterial Multipurpose Surface Cleaner - Unfragranced

Iron & Velvet Antibacterial Cleaner

This antibacterial multi surface cleaner is fragrance free and every bit as effective as scented cleaners – a great option for all those with sensitivities and allergies.

Iron & Velvet Antibacterial Cleaning Starter Pack

Iron & Velvet Cleaning Starter Pack

The best place to start your plastic free cleaning journey. Antibacterial Multisurface Starter Pack of 5 sachets covers all your household cleaning needs.

Iron & Velvet Bathroom Surface Cleaner - Orange & Ginger

Iron & Velvet Surface Cleaner

For removal of soap marks, limescale build up and water marks you want a multi-purpose product which can handle a range of bathroom problems.


Iron & Velvet Household Essentials Cleaning Starter Pack

Iron & Velvet Household Essentials

This Household Essentials Starter Pack of 5 sachets covers all your household cleaning needs.

Iron & Velvet Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner - Unfragranced

Iron & Velvet Multipurpose Cleaner

This Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner is fragrance free, a great option for those with sensitivities and allergies. Suitable for use on hard surfaces…

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Bamboo Multipurpose Cloths

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Pack Of 3 Organic Cotton Produce Bags

Organic Cotton Bags

This pack of 3 great value organic cotton produce bags are designed for carrying fresh fruit or vegetables from the supermarket, market or farm shop and storing them at home.

Tru Earth Eco-strips Laundry Detergent - Fresh Linen 64 Loads

Eco-strips Laundry Detergent

This value pack of Tru Earth laundry detergent comes with 64 strips which is enough for 64 washes! Each Tru Earth Eco-Strip packs ultra-concentrated…

Bamboo Cutlery - Knife, Fork And Spoon Set

Bamboo Cutlery

This beautifully finished knife, fork and spoon set is perfect for taking on picnics, when you know you will eat out, eating in the garden or simply taking lunch to work. 

A Slice Of Green Large Rectangle Stainless Steel Lunch Box With Mini Container

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

A rectangular stainless steel lunch box with clip closure and a separate mini container which fits inside. It is perfect for an ‘on-the-go’ balanced lunch of…

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