Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Cruelty Free Makeup Brands For Eyes, Lips, Face and Nails

Eyeshadow, Mascara & Highlighter

Cruelty-free eye makeup that’s also vegan? That’s right! Several brands have launched their vegan makeup line, consisting of luscious eye products and many others. This list can help you find your ideal match!

Beauty Without Cruelty- Full Volume Mascara (8 ml)

The mascara aims for a maximized look, with the vegan fibre and the double depth brush added. Moreover, it strengthens your lashes and makes them appear voluminous naturally!

Be at One – Be Noticed Brow Pencil (1.1g)

This brow pencil allows you to create the perfect natural brow, with the help of a velvet-smooth formula and a defined tip.

Beauty Without Cruelty Duo Eyeshadows (4g)

The dual-sided eyeshadows come in two portions- wet and dry. It helps you achieve the desired look in any shade you want while being super long-lasting!

Be at One – Be Bold Eyeshadow (6g)

The palette comes with five vibrant and smooth shades, which deliver amazing pigmentation and blend away like a dream. 

Be at One – Be Bright Concealer (4 ml)

Infused with argan and avocado oil, this concealer gives you a natural and smooth finish. It’s a must-have to make your eye makeup pop!

Barry M – Lash Vegas 2 (7 ml)

The saviour for your lower lashes has arrived! This mascara holds the smallest of lashes and gives a voluminous appearance. Furthermore, the spiral brush helps coat your lashes without them getting lumpy.

Sunkissed – Mega Long Lash Mascara (12 ml)

Looking for the false lash appearance? This mascara has you covered. The vegan formula helps elongate your lashes and nourishes them as well!

Sunkissed – Mega Bold Mascara (12 ml)

The waterproof mascara gives your lashes a magnified appearance without any lumps. Furthermore, the flexible applicator helps coat your lashes nicely.

PHB Ethical Beauty Eye Shadow (2g)

This highly pigmented eye shadow is available in various shades, which give you a pigmented and opaque look. It can be used both wet and dry and is water-resistant.

Barry M Meteor Storm Eyeshadow Palette (10g)

With 8 highly pigmented shades, this palette is perfect for both day and night looks. The shades perform well together giving you a smooth and blended finish.

PHB – Ethical Beauty Mascara (10 ml)

This waterproof mascara helps elongate and strengthen your lashes naturally. It helps you achieve a thick and voluminous lash look.

Barry M Brow Wow Pencil (1.1g)

The brow pencil helps your brows appear thicker and fuller, without having to do much. Just a few light strokes of this pencil, and you’ve got your ideal brows!


To obtain the perfect lip look, you need good quality lip products. Undoubtedly, the best way to achieve that is by using vegan and cruelty free lip products!

Barry M – Lip Rehab (9 ml)

The nourishing and smooth lip mask helps your lips heal from within, with daily use. Enriched with Vitamin E and hemp seed oil, this lip mask is suitable for all skin types.

Sunkissed – Lustre Lip Oil (4.2 ml)

The lip oil nourishes and hydrates your lips from within and keeps them moisturized. Enriched with gold flakes, this lip oil gives a high-shine gloss as well!

Be at One – Be Happy Lipstick (3.5g)

Infused with argan and avocado oil, this lipstick glides on like a dream and gives you a highly-pigmented and smooth finish.

Beauty Without Cruelty – Lipstick (4g)

Enriched with natural and vegan ingredients, this lipstick provides you a creamy smooth, and rich finish.

Pacifica Beauty – Lip Gloss (2.8g)

The non-sticky formula makes this high-shine lip gloss comfortable to wear, while the vegan ingredients make it a lip healer and moisturizer.

Be at One – Be Fabulous Lip Gloss (4 ml)

This lip gloss is non-sticky and enriched with avocado and argan oil- giving your lips a bright color while hydrating them from within!

Barry M – Lip Scrub (25g)

Exfoliating lips has never been easier! This pot of scrub helps remove your dead skin cells and makes your lips plumper. Moreover, it tastes good.

Face Makeup, Foundation Etc

Vegan ingredients not only make these skin products perform well, but they also make the products naturally healthy. Why wait? It’s time to shop for some high-quality skin range, which lasts super long!

Sunkissed – CC (45g)

The vitamins infused CC pearls help in giving you a balanced skin tone, without looking too heavy. The lightweight formula makes it comfortable and brightening.

Eco Glitter Fun (24 ml)

What better way to have fun than glitter? This pack of biodegradable glitter is secure for your face and body, arriving in multiple colours!

Barry M – Unicorn Primer Drops (15 ml)

Packed with natural ingredients, this primer potion helps smooth your skin and prepare it for makeup. Moreover, it helps the skin stay hydrated for a long time without looking oily.

Be at One – Be Radiant BB Cream (30 ml)

This BB cream helps even out your skin tone and gives it a naturally glowing finish. Infused with aloe vera and argan oil, this cream includes SPF 30 as well.

Barry M – Nymph Radiance Serum (15 ml)

Primers are a must for the smooth application of skin products. This primer claims to give you a dewy finish and leave your skin softer than ever!

Sunkissed – Glow-Getter (20g)

The palette comes with both a highlighter and bronzer, making it perfect to carry on a vacation to achieve the perfect glow.

Nail Polish & Nail Varnish

Shop the beautiful range of people & planet friendly breathable nail polishes designed to. be kind on your nails with a nontoxic, vegan and cruelty-free formula that lasts and lasts. Get your hands on this huge range of nail polishes from Zoya and keep your nails healthy and fantastic -looking. These are the same products that the professionals use!