Eco Friendly Tampons

We have a fantastic range of gentle and effective feminine hygiene products. Here’s a sneak preview…

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Flo Organic Tampons - Get Set Pack


A combo pack of 14 compact applicator tampons – 8 Regular + 6 Super. Our cheeky ‘tubs’ are made from FSC-certified, biodegradable material. Fancy some…

Mooncup - Reusable Menstrual Cup (Size B)


The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup around two inches long and made from soft silicone rubber. It is worn internally like a tampon but collects…

Bloom & Nora - Eco Sanitary pads + Day Bag (Midi) (3 x Pads)

Bloom And Nora

Nora cloth sanitary pads from Bloom & Nora are an easy to use and more cost-effective alternative to single use sanitary pads without any compromise on…

&Sisters - Organic Pads with Wings: Heavy (12 pack)

Pads With Wings

Perfect for heavy flow days and nights.100% organic cotton, sustainably sourced. Absolutely zero synthetics, chlorine bleach, dyes or perfumes…

RAWGANIC - Feminine Hygiene Wipes (15 wipes)

Feminine Wipes

Our PH balanced hypoallergenic feminine wipes, infused with natural extracts will cleanse and refresh. Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose, our wipes…

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