Men’s Sustainable Clothing UK

We have a fantastic range of men’s sustainable clothing with the latest styles and they look great! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Men's Recycled Hooded Puffer Jacket | Multiple Colours

Coats & Jackets

ECONYL® is made in Italy and was created by Italian firm Aquafil. It uses synthetic waste such as industrial plastic, waste fabric, and fishing nets…

Low Carbon Cotton T-shirt | Black

Tops & T Shirts

A style classic in soft cotton fabrication. The altid regular fit t-shirt will become an integral part of your wardrobe. This low carbon t-shirt can be…

Anton Men's Organic Cotton Melange Crewneck | Plum


Keep cool ‘n’ cosy in this organic cotton ANTON Sweat from made from breathable eco fibres. Medium weight with a soft brushed back to give a fleecy…

457 ANEW
Classic Fit Unisex Heavyweight American Cotton Zip Hoodie | Multiple Colours


Sourced from the U.S., 457 ANEW’s cotton is milled in Canada and meets equitable labour standards. Producing locally reduces their carbon footprint…

457 ANEW
Classic Fit Unisex Heavyweight American Cotton Joggers | Multiple Colours


Sourced from the U.S., 457 ANEW’s cotton is milled in Canada and meets equitable labour standards. Producing locally reduces their carbon footprint…

Bobby Organic Linen & TENCEL™ Modal Shorts | Bali Print Green


Step out into the sun with the Bobby Shorts in Komodo’s print inspired by summers in Bali where KOMODO’s history begins. A comfortable and breathable…

Lüks Linen
Shantung Vegan Lounge Gown | Ash

Dressing Gown

With a focus on natural materials and versatility, Lüks works with small family ateliers and master weavers in Turkey, using gentle, centuries-old craft…

Will's Men's Vegan Leather Biker Jacket | Black

Biker Jacket

This product is certified carbon-neutral. It is delivered to you through a plastic free carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging…

cut pin slim fit cotton oxford shirt navy stripe

Cotton Oxford Shirt

This shirt is the perfect style for relaxed weekend wear and will see you through those smarter looks when the occasion arises.

Crew Neck Organic Cotton Sweatshirt | Off White

Cotton Sweatshirt

Made from organic cotton with a crew neck collar, this easy-to-wear, subtly branded sweatshirt combines comfort with style. This low carbon sweatshirt…

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Watson & Wolfe
Three-Piece Construction Cork Vegan Belt | Black


Handmade in a traditional three-piece construction, the Watson & Wolfe classic cork belt in black is made in exactly the same way as an animal skin belt…

Watson & Wolfe
Vegan Leather RFID Protective Wallet | Chestnut Brown & Red


This vegan leather wallet in chestnut brown is handmade with high quality eco-leather. The base of this innovative textile is made from non-food grade…

457 ANEW
Watson ECONYL® Sling | Multiple Colours


Inspired by photography, modern architecture and alternative music, the path of 457 Anew is one that constantly strives for a balance between art and a…

Classic Gold & White Dial Watch Gift Set | Multi Vegan Leather & Mesh Straps


The Classic collection gift set combines classic style and design across every timepiece. It includes the Classic 38mm Watch along with three watch…

Vegan Leather Messenger Bag | Multiple Colours


This product is certified carbon-neutral. It is delivered to you through a plastic free carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging…

Ready to Elevate Your Style While Making an Ethical Choice?

The time has come to reconsider your fashion choices. Can you see yourself wearing the latest cool styles that uplifts your ethical stance.

Welcome to the compelling universe of vegan clothing—a space where fashion harmoniously blends with your ethical goals. If you’ve been contemplating a wardrobe revamp, now’s the time!

The advantages of Vegan Clothing:

Ethical Fashion, Elevated

Opting for vegan clothing is more than a fleeting trend; it’s a conscious decision. When you transition to veganism, you’re championing ethical manufacturing and taking a stand against animal cruelty. You’re joining a movement that values both form and function.

The Green Factor

Did you know that conventional fashion is a major contributor to environmental degradation? Vegan clothing, often made from sustainable materials like bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled polyester, significantly reduces your ecological footprint.

Built to Last

Let’s dispel the myth that vegan is synonymous with ‘less durable.’ Vegan fabrics often outperform their animal-derived counterparts in longevity, offering you a wardrobe that’s both ethical and enduring.

Vegan Wardrobe Essentials for the modern man & woman

The Timeless Vegan Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is an eternal classic, but who needs the awful ethical dilemma that comes with it? Vegan leather jackets deliver the same iconic style without the moral quandary.

Vegan Footwear for Every Occasion

From elegant heels to casual trainers, the vegan footwear market is brimming with options that marry style with comfort. Step out in confidence, knowing you’ve made an ethical choice.

Activewear for the Ethical Athlete

Whether you’re into running, yoga, or gym workouts, vegan activewear offers performance without ethical compromise. Exercise in apparel that aligns with your values.

Your Roadmap to an Ethical Wardrobe

Start with the Basics

An entire wardrobe transformation isn’t necessary overnight. Begin with key pieces like jackets and footwear, and gradually diversify your collection to your own unique tastes.

Discover Your Go-To Brands

From Komodo to Minuit sur Terre and many more. Numerous brands offer stylish and ethical vegan options.

Support Local Talent

Many UK-based vegan clothing brands deserve your attention. Not only are you making an ethical choice, but you’re also boosting the local economy.

Take the Leap

What are you waiting for? Buy your men’s vegan clothing today!

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*Please be aware that it’s important for you to carefully review product ingredients and labels before consuming or utilizing the product. We strongly advise against relying solely on the information provided here, as details can change.*