Vegan Meat & Vegan Seafood

Vegan Meat & Vegan Seafood

Who Prefers Vegan Meat?

Zac Efron & Beyonce both switched to a vegan diet for various reasons. Bill Clinton became vegan after an emergency heart surgery in 2010, primarily to improve his health.

Ariana Grande loves animals, so she hates to be a source of harm to them. As a result, Ariana takes only vegan meals.

Jason Mraz is committed to eating plant-based meals, and many more celebrities, sports personalities, politicians, and ordinary people just like us, are joining the movement, every single day.

Those high-profile names are ditching animal products not only to save animals and mother Earth but also to extend their own life and health and become an all-round happier person.

Meat takes the lead as the necessary ingredient of most of our meals. Luckily, if you are switching to veganism, you will find an abundance of meat substitutes here with which you can create any dish that you love to eat.

What is vegan meat?

Some vegan enthusiasts refer to vegan meat substitutes as mock meat, while some call them plant-based meat.

The vegan meat substitutes are made by combining vegetables, soy, and wheat gluten in shape and colour that truly matches the real meat.

Be it a burger patty or deli slices, name anything, and you will find a meat substitute in any type imaginable.

Once you start eating vegan meat, you are fuelling your body in the best way possible.

Vegan Seafood

Gone are the days when it was assumed that you do not threaten sea life by consuming seafood. As per the latest research, it has become clear that we are ravaging our oceans with love for seafood.

Today, many people favour putting a brake on the consumption of fish or prawns or shrimps, or other types of seafood.

Many food companies have introduced an exciting and tasty range of vegan seafood, conceived with indistinguishable substitutes that will surely keep your seafood craving at bay.

So, let the vegan seafood party begin by picking the veganized versions of your favourites from Vegan Supermarket UK

What are the benefits of eating vegan fish?

  • By consuming vegan fish, you take less or near zero cholesterol, which is good to manage your heart health.

  • Fish can accumulate toxins from seawater, which enter the human body through the consumption of seafood.

  • Contaminants such as mercury and micro-plastics damage the human nervous system and increase the risk of neurological symptoms.

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