Vegan Snacks

Vegan Snacks

Snacks are godsend bliss that makes our lives more delightful. They are necessary to answer the mid-night hunger calls, afternoon slump, mid-morning crash, or eat your breakup or cram sessions away.

Hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, crackers, string cheese, jerky, these are all healthy snacks, but not VEGAN.

So, does switching to veganism means that you will be giving up on the delightful snacks?

Certainly not.

Yes, finding an ideal snack might get challenging for vegan-enthusiasts because veganism is the foremost advocate of plant-based foods, not animal products. This fact significantly limits the selection of snacks. However, many plant-based foods selections can make up for healthy munchies and satisfy your cravings.

We will not recommend going for fruits completely as fruits just don’t cut it all times and leave us demanding for more.

Below we are going to list some of the vegan snacks that you can buy from, support your ethical stance while coping up with your hunger pangs.

  1. Trail Mix: This heavenly snack is a mixture of dried fruits, seeds, and nuts. It fills you with fiber, healthy fats, and protein.

Note: Vegan trail mixes are those that don’t contain oil, salt, and added sugar. Always check the package for product information before buying.

  1. Edamame: Immature soybeans that are present in their pods are known as Edamame. If you want to treat yourself with a high-quality plant protein with fewer calories, Edamame is the key. Having one cup of Edamame, you can gain around 17 grams of proteins with less than 200 calories. Bingo! To enhance the flavor, you can either boil or steam the pods and toss them with sea salt.

  2. Chickpeas: Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are rich in copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. They are undoubtedly delicious vegan snacks. There are many variations that you can make with chickpeas, such as either boil them and sprinkle some salt and pepper to enhance the taste. You can bake them till crunchy and enjoy when hungry.

  3. Rice Cakes: If you are a cracker lover, you will surely love the rice cakes. Rice cakes are made packing and shaping the puffed rice together. It is best to choose whole-grain brown rice cakes for vegan munching. To enhance the flower, you can top your rice cakes with avocado and balance both healthy fat and fiber at the same time. If you are a fan of crunch, don’t forget to add some toasted sesame seeds on the top.

  4. Hummus: Hummus is the ultimate vegan dip made using lemon juice, garlic, oil (vegetable or coconut if vegan), and chickpeas. You can pair up hummus with radishes, cucumber, celery, carrots, vegan bread, and tortillas and enjoy a soothing vegan snack.

  5. Fruit Leather: Thinly flattened, sliced, and dried fruit puree is known as fruit leather. It tastes as heavenly as fresh fruit. Fruit leathers can enrich you with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Vegan fruit leather is free from added sugar and dyes.

You can also buy oatmeal, salsa, Granola, nuts, and fruit bars, and baked veggie chips from us.

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