Vegan Cheese Slices

We have a fantastic range of plant based cheese slices to choose from and they’re perfect for sandwiches! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Cheddar Slices

Cheddar Slices

Gluten, dairy and soya free sliced cheese. For those who prefer classic flavours, Violife original is the perfect

Flavoured Slices

Flavoured Slices

An excellent alternative to dairy cheese, this vegan alternative is flavoured with tomato and basil. The excell..

Sliced Gouda

Sliced Gouda

Melt it, slice it, cook it! You will be amazed by its texture and meltability! A perfect choice for your dairy…

Sliced Mozarella

Chocolate Milk

Newly developed with lots of care, these Mozzarella style Sheese melty Slices are so nice that you’ll love to add

Sliced Spicy Cheese

Sliced Spicy Cheese

Blended with green jalapeños and sweet red bell peppers, this creamy cheese will add a zesty kick to your favorite


Sliced Smokey

Elevate your cheese party with this decadent hickory-smoked Gouda cheese alternative. Pair this Gouda with car…

Bute Island Foods - Mature Cheddar Style Slices (180g)

Mature Cheddar

These Vegan and Kosher Mature Cheddar style Slices are a non-dairy alternative made with Coconut Oil, also available in the sheese range. Developed for…

Wilmersburger - Chilli Flavour Slices (150g)

Chilli Flavour

The excellent alternative for bread and rolls – ready sliced. Wilmersburger Slices Chili ist the alternative with a special kick. Especially friends of…

Applewood - Vegan Cheese Slices (200g)

Applewood Smoky

Delicious smoky flavoured vegan cheese slices with added calcium and vitamin B12 Smooth and creamy Melts beautifully Free from dairy, soya, lactose &…


Bute Island

The Mild Cheddar style Sheese Slices are a medium strength Dairy-Free alternative to cheese. The Vegan and Kosher Mild Cheddar style Slices are a non…

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