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Suma - Red Split Lentils (500g)

Red Split Lentils

Red Split Lentils, 500g

Oddpods - Ready to Eat Chickpeas (200g)


Pods don’t come more versatile than this. Our chickpeas, sourced from the vast plains of Canada, have 85% more fibre and 15% more protein than canned…

Suma - Organic Red Split Lentils (500g)

Organic Lentils

Organic Red Split Lentils, 500g

Suma - Beluga Lentils (500g)

Beluga Lentils

Beluga Lentils, 500g

Oddpods - Ready to Eat Chana Dal (200g)

Chana Dal

A classic ingredient in any Indian kitchen, Chana Dal are brown chickpeas which have been split and skinned. Sourced from small subsistence farms in…

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Cheeky P's - Smokin' Bar-b-que Flavoured Chickpeas (40g)

BBQ Chickpeas

Cheeky P’s delightful Smokin’ Barbecue roasted chickpeas are bursting with flavour and full of satisfying crunch! Ideal savoury plant-based snack to…

Nudie Snacks - Salt & Black Pepper Roasted Lentils (30g)

Roasted Lentils

At Nudie Snacks we are all about making exciting vegan healthy snack products. Our range of roasted pulses in shot packs are a great source of plant…

Meatless Farm Co - Meat Free Plant Based Mince (400g)


Meat Free Mince Made with Soya, Pea and Rice Proteins. Meatless Farm Co. have created a delicious plant based alternative with great taste and texture…


Chicken Pieces

Plant based chicken style pieces made from soy and pea protein, with sea salt and black pepper seasoning. Tastes just like the real thing – vegans and…

Plant Power - Original Organic Cultured Tempeh (200g)


Meet tofu’s much cooler younger brother. Our Original Tempeh is made by fermenting whole beans – traditionally soya – with a live culture so it has a…

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