Vegan Cheese Spread

Move over Phil O’Delphia – there’s a new plant based cheese spread in town! Just as tasty and versatile. Here’s a sneak preview…

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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

A creamy, spreadable vegan alternative to blue cheese, with Nori Seaweed and Ulva Sea Lettuce. Being light and…

Cheddar Spread

Cheddar Spread

Violife, non-dairy cheese block: original flavour. Based on coconut oil, this diary and soya free cheese is ….

Chive Dill

Chive & Dill

Our thick and creamy dairy free Chive Cheese spread is made by churning our bespoke, creamy almond m*lk freshly..



Mushroom & Dill Creamed Cashew spread is a fresh take on cream cheese alternatives. Mushrooms are combined with..

Garlic Herb

Garlic & Herb

The Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese is a joyous Dairy Free alternative to cream cheese.The award-winning Garlic & Herb



The Creamy Sweet Chilli is an insolent dairy-free alternative to cream cheese. The vegan and kosher Sweet Chilli



Tyne Chease know how much their Smoked Chease is loved by almost everyone who tries it, so they decided to bring..

Schlagfix - Vegan Mascarpone (250g)


This is a light, deliciously smooth vegan mascarpone by Schlagfix. Perhaps the first in the world! It can be used in variety of dishes like pasta…

Kinda Co - Sour Creme + Chive Creamy Spread (130g)

Sour Cream & Chive

Fresh and smooth, creamy vegan cheese spread with added chives and black pepper. Ideal for many of your favourite plant-based meals and snacks including…

Violife - Creamy Vegan Cheese - Hot Pepper (200g)

Hot Pepper

Proud to offer a product for your spicy moments! Violife with hot peppers covers the desire of a dairy-free cheese with an overpowering aroma of chilly…

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Once you’ve tried this vegan soya custard, you won’t look back. Try it and let us know! 😉 Also, certified Vegan.

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It’s the fresh light flavour of this dairy and gluten free spread combined with a healthy spoonful of good fats..

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