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We have a delicious range of plant based delicatessen meat-like products to choose from and they’re uncannily close to the meat originals! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Wheaty Chorizo Slices 80g

Wheaty Chorizo Slices

The new Chorizo slices! So solid that even a torero rather spears our chorizo slice than a bull. Even better, only a tooth-pick is needed.

Veganly Deli Black Forest Haam 120g

Veganly Black Forest Ham

A delicacy that must be tasted. Naturally smoked over hickory chippings & using traditional Black Forest spices. Our unique recipe creates an addictive sweet & salty bite. Truly delicious.

Wheaty Organic Smoked Slices - 100g

Organic Smoked Slices

Slices with tasty smoked edges, perfect in salads or combined with fried noodles. Can also be used as a classic bread topping or on a cold plate.

Vegusto Deli-Style Sandwich Slices 200g

Deli-Style Sandwich Slices

A chunky, slightly smoked, tender luncheon with a tangy pepper rind! These classic Swiss deli slices, are one of the most popular Vegusto products on offer.

Wheaty ORG Salami Slices 100g

Wheaty ORG Salami Slices

Very special slices: Wheaty Salami. Air dried, fresh and spicy with a lot of bell pepper. These slices are not only suitable as bread topping or on cold…

Sgaia Mheat Steak Original 2 x 100g

Sgaia Mheat Steak Original

Our original flavour steak is the most versatile. It’s tasty, deliciously savoury with a rich umami taste that will compliment any marinade, sauce or vegetable…

Sgaia Lorne Style Sausages 280g

Sgaia Lorne Style Sausages

Finally in our selection, one of Scotland’s best loved breakfast foods.The lorne sausage, also known as square sausage is a traditional Scottish staple…

Love Seitan Seitan Pepperoni 275g

Love Seitan Seitan Pepperoni

The UK’s first ever Seitan Pepperoni. Until now, pepperoni lovers looking for a plant-based alternative for the nation’s favourite pizza topping have had to…

Sgaia Mheat Smoky Flavour Steak 150g

Sgaia Mheat Smoky Flavour Steak

An all-time favourite, our smoky flavour steak is seasoned with pure liquid beech wood smoke – perfect drizzled in BBQ sauce and griddled. 

Sgaia Charcuterie Pastrami Style Slices 120g

Charcuterie Pastrami Style Slices

Inspired by the much loved staple of New York Jewish cuisine, our Pastrami Style Slices are aromatic, savoury, slightly smoky in flavour and fantastically tender.

Taifun Organic Tofu Rosso 200g

Taifun Organic Tofu Rosso

 This little Italian, with olives, tomatoes and pepperoni has conquered the hearts of tofu fans everywhere, and was awarded the ‘Bestseller of the Year’ prize…

Taifun Organic Tofu Filets Wild Garlic 160g

Organic Tofu Filets Wild Garlic

 Garlic tofu is one of our customer recommendations. You can just add to pan with a side. Perfect for a quick fix for dinner. This is a Chilled product, and needs to…

Taifun Organic Tofu Basilico 200g

Taifun Organic Tofu Basilico

This 200-gram piece of Demeter tofu is full of fresh herbs. The fine basil touch gives it just the right accent. The invigorating herb flavour unfolds both…

Taifun Tofu Filets Japanese Style 160g

Tofu Filets Japanese Style

As customary in Japanese cuisine, this product is deliberately left in its simple and natural state. The seasoning is subtle and underlines the distinctive taste of tofu.

Taifun Organic Firm Tofu - Natural 200g

Taifun Organic Firm Tofu – Natural

This traditional basic tofu is full of high-quality vegetable protein and extremely versatile. Tangy, spicy, sweet or sour, our natural tofu can be prepared to.

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VegiSteak Chicken Style Steaks 150g

VegiSteak Chicken Style Steaks

A delicious steak alternative made from tofu and corn, making it most similar to the flavours and textures of real chicken.

Viana Bonanza Veggie Steaks 210g

Bonanza Veggie Steaks

Viana Bonanza Hot Veggie Steaks – 210g. 2 Servings. A great summer sizzler idea! Fast and flavoursome, juicy and hot. Just the thing for the cowgirls and…

VegiSteak Burger 260g

VegiSteak Burger

This delicious vegan burger is winning the realistic game with its amazing real-meat taste, texture AND juicy-ness! There is 4 big thin burgers in a pack…

Wheaty Steak with Peppercorn 175g

Wheaty Steak with Peppercorn

Meatless meat: With lots of different spices, great taste and firm to the bite! This is the spicy vegan steak. Roast gently in a pan or on the barbecue grill.

VegiSteak Hemp & Spinach 150g

VegiSteak Hemp & Spinach

This steak is not only tasty, it is also packed full of superfoods and veggies (no hint from the name), making it delicious AND nutritious.

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