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We have a delicious range of plant based delicatessen meat-like products to choose from and they’re uncannily close to the meat originals! Here’s a sneak preview…
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Squeaky Bean - Pastrami Style Sandwich Slices (90g)

Beef Slices

Vegan beef style slices made from all plant-based delicious sources. Ready-to-eat. High in protein and fibre, low in saturated fat. Squeaky Bean is your…

Love Seitan - Pepperoni Seitan Chub (Soy Free) (275g)


The UK’s very first ever Seitan Pepperoni! Before now, pepperoni lovers looking for a vegan alternative for the country’s favourite pizza topping have had…

Calabizo - Classic Pumpkin Chorizo (120g)


Hand made using all natural ingredients, this versitile chorizo can be enjoyed on its own or cooked and added to an array of your favourite plant-based…

Wheaty Smoked Slices (100g)

Sandwich Slices

The Wheaty slices with tasty smoked edges, fit perfectly as strips in salads, combined with fried noodles or as an interesting additional ingredient in…

Quorn - Vegan Pepperoni Slices (100g)


Our Vegan Pepperoni is perfect as a pizza topper or try adding it to wraps and sandwiches for a delicious smokey flavour.

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Clearspring - Organic Young Jackfruit Chunks (500g)


Jack in the Jar! – with Love from Sri Lanka. We are delighted to announce the launch of Organic Young Jackfruit in a glass jar, instead of a tin…

Pro Fusion - Organic Protein Mince Pea & Fava - Vegan (125g)


Pump up the protein in your plant-based meals using Profusion Organic Pea & Fava Protein Mince. Boasting 50% protein content, simply add this vegan meat…

Moving Mountains - Hot Dogs (pack of 4) (240g)


A product like no other…. The Moving Mountains® hot dogs are full of taste and texture that will delight the whole family. This hot dog is made from…

Future Farm - Future Chick'n (200g)

Chicken Pieces

Vegan “chicken” pieces made from soy, pea, and chickpea with a truly exceptional, must-try-to-believe taste experience! GMO free Gluten free Made 100%…

Wheaty - Organic Virginia Steak (2 Pack) (175g)


Meatless meat: With lots of different spices, great taste and firm to the bite! This is the spicy vegan steak. Roast gently in a pan or on the barbecue…

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