Vegan Mayonnaise, Jams & Savoury Spreads

We have a really tasty selection of plant based mayonnaise & spreads to choose from. Here’s a sneak preview…

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Follow Your Heart - Vegenaise - Original (340g)


Enjoy real mayonnaise taste with this world-famous, egg-free mayo, aka Vegenaise™. It’s Better than Mayo!

Vego - Fine Hazelnut Crunchy Chocolate Spread (200g)

Chocolate Spread

One of the most exciting vegan products to launch this year! And once you have finished your amazing chocolate spread, it comes inside a fabulous re-useable drinking glass, yay!

Kinda Co - Nacho Cashew Cheese Jar (240g)

Dips & Salsas

A cheesy, cashew based dip that’s packed full of bold smokey, spicy flavours. Perfect on… you guessed it – Nachos! Equally great for dunking sweet…

Sacla - Vegan Blue Ch**se Dressing (230ml)


This recipe is just like traditional Blue Cheese dressing, minus the cheese, eggs and milk. That’s it. It’s still creamy, thick and delicious with your…

Cholula - Hot Sauce - Original (150ml)

Hot Sauces

Named after the oldest city in Mexico, Cholula allow you to add a little splash of authentic Mexican heat to any dish, no matter where you are in the…

Mrs Darlington's - A Festive Bucks Fizz Marmalade (340g)

Jams & Preserves

What a great way to start the festive day with the tangy taste of Seville Oranges and the popping fizz of prosecco. Merry Christmas! No Added Colour or…

Mr Organic - Italian Organic Tomato Ketchup (480g)


Great Taste award-winning Tomato Ketchup packed full of juicy, organic sun-ripened tomatoes! All our ketchups are made at our own sustainable production…

Inspired Vegan - Dill Mustard Sauce (200g)


A classic sauce made using only plant-based ingredients to help improve our sustainability. Delicious with vegetable pie, potato or polenta cakes, green…

Meridian - Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter (280g)

Peanut Butter

Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter is made from quality peanuts that are roasted in their natural brown skins before being ground in to a crunchy texture…

Granovita - Vegetable Paté (125g)


A delicious meat-free yeast based pâté made with onions, herbs and spices.A tangy meat-free pate made from organic ingredients in a handy re-sealable tin…

Drogheria & Alimentari - Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Mill (90g)


Food grade rock salt from Pakistan. Sprinkle this unique pink rock salt on raw or cooked food – it will be a delight for the senses!

Clearspring Organic Soya Sauce (150ml)

Soy Sauce

A high quality soya sauce made to an authentic recipe in the UK with organic whole soya beans using hand-crafted Japanese methods.

Plant Based Artisan - Orange Blossom Vegan Honea With Prebiotics (190ml)

Vegan Honey

This sumptuous Honea, a Bee Less vegan Honey alternative conjures up visions of Spanish orange groves, to produce a divine golden vegan honey that has…

Geo Organics Worcester Sauce (150ml)

Worcestershire sauce

Approved by the Vegan Society, this spicy condiment sauce is made from a blend of date syrup, molasses and caramel with other exotic spices. This…

Marmite - Yeast Extract Spread (125g)


Perfect on your morning toast, crumpets, bagels, and much more. Here’s a left field idea: add some mashed avocado on top of your toast and Marmite? We…

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Nature's Charm - Coconut Caramel Sauce (200g)

Coconut Caramel

In 2016, this delicious, rich and creamy Coconut Caramel Sauce was created. This one’s been very well received! It’s so easy and convenient to use as…

Pana Chocolate - Pana Organic Cashew & Caramel Spread (200g)

Cashew Caramel

A gooey yet incredibly creamy Caramel Cashew Spread by PANA Organic is bound to leave you speechless. We need to warn you that this is deliciously…

Meridian - Pumpkin Seed Butter (170g)

Pumpkin Seed Butter

Organic pumpkin seeds are roasted then ground until smooth.

Callowfit - Salty Caramel Sauce (300ml)

Caramel Sauce

There’s no such thing like sauces and dressings with no fat and sugar, with almost 0 calories and with a whole lot of taste? Oh, yes, there is! Because…

Nature's Charm - Coconut Butter Scotch Sauce (200g)


Delightful topping for desserts. Dairy free, gluten and soy free. Made from premium coconut milk

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