Vegan Mince

We have a versatile range of plant based mince to choose from – perfect for cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Terra Vegane Beefless Ground Mince

Ground Mince

Ground Beefless: The best meat-free alternative to make your classic recipes and new creations explode with great gourmet flavour! Protein-Mix from black…

Clearspring - Organic Soya Mince (300g)


Clearspring Gluten Free Organic Soya Mince is a quick cook vegetarian protein which can be used in a multitude of recipes instead of meat. Whole soya…

Better Nature - Tempeh Mince (180g)

Tempeh Mince

Tempeh is an Indonesian miracle food made from nothing but cultured soybeans and water. It is naturally packed with protein and fibre, has a firm bite…

Jack & Bry - Jackfruit Mince (225g)

Jackfruit Mince

Must-try, brand new vegan jackfruit mince from Jack & Bry. Add to any array of plant-based meals such as spaghetti bolognese and mince ‘n’ tatties. Or…

Future Farm - Future Mince 1x250g (250g)

Future Mince

Revolutionary mince made from plants with a texture and taste just like meat. Update your favourite vegan recipes with Future Mince! Nutritious, easy to…

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High in protein Authentic bacon taste Non GMO, No preservatives, No Cholesterol or Atificial Colours Suitable for vegan Suitable for home freezing

Pro Fusion - Organic Protein Mince Pea & Fava - Vegan (125g)


Pump up the protein in your plant-based meals using Profusion Organic Pea & Fava Protein Mince. Boasting 50% protein content, simply add this vegan meat…


Chicken Nuggets

This isn’t chicken but it is ridiculously tasty and high in protein. Increadible vegan chicken nuggets covered in breadcrumbs made with soy and pea…

Vgamn roast


In addition to our Beef and Turkey Style Roast we also have a Gammon Style Roast for extra variety. Delicious and succulent, this roast tastes great with…

Beyond Meat - Beyond Burger - Plant Based Patties (2 Pack) (226g)


It’s finally here…. The Beyond Burger® A burger with taste so rich and a texture so meaty you won’t believe it’s made from plants! 20g of protein (from…

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