Vegan Tuna

We have a fantastic range of plant based tuna products to choose from and they taste great! Here’s a sneak preview…

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Seafood alternative made with textured soya protein in egg free mayonnaise. Sustainable plant-based protein since

Bonsan - Organic Kofu Fishfree Tofuna (110g)

Fishfree Tofuna

Preserve the Ocean’s natural resources and enjoy the delicate taste and flaky texture of our sustainably sourced fishfree tofuna (tofu tuna). Made from…

Good Catch - Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes: Mediterranean (94g)

Tuna Style Flakes

Fish free vegan tuna flakes high in protein with added algae oil and Mediterranean flavours for a heavenly seafood-style experience. Goes well equally…

Loma Linda - Tuno (Vegan Tuna) Sweet Chilli Can (142g)

Tuno Chilli

Seafood alternative made with textured soya protein in sweet chilli sauce. Sustainable plant-based protein since 1890, A plant based seafood alternative…

Marigold - Tunah - Vegan Tuna Alternative (170g)


Soya bean delicacy with flavours of the sea. Marigold soya bean Tunah is a nutritious vegetarian and vegan delicacy that can be served either hot or…

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Tuna Flakes

Tuna Flakes

Fish-free vegan tuna flakes high in protein with added algae oil and herbs for an unbeatable seafood-style experi

Fingers and Fillets

Fish Fingers

Novish – Vish Finger Sticks (6x30g) – Breaded vegan sticks with fish flavouring, based on wheat and pea protein..

Fish Goujons

Fish Goujons

Delicious, breaded “no fish” vegan fish by Finnebrogue. Ideal dinner accompaniment for your favourite plant-based



A delicious vegan calamari marinated and ready to use! Add to your favoutire vegetarian & vegan recipies – batter

fish steaks

Fish Steaks

A delicious smoky flavoured vegan cheese alternative, with added calcium and vitamin B12. Smooth and creamy…..

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